Knowledge about breast plastic surgery

In recent years, with the continuous development of beauty and plastic surgery technology in China, many women in the society expect to change the shape of their breasts through plastic surgery. But according to the author s understanding, many of these women do not know much about the types of breast surgery and the sequelae of breast surgery. To this end, the author answers the questions of female friends on the following three questions:

Breast Lift The breast lift is to beautify the breast by removing a crescent-shaped skin (including subcutaneous tissue) above the female areola. This technique can increase the height of women s nipples, areola, and breast tissue, making the shape of their breasts taller and fuller.

Breast reduction and plastic surgery Breast reduction and plastic surgery is to beautify the breast by removing excess breast tissue from a woman s breast. Although this operation can increase the beauty of female breasts, it can weaken the lactation function of female breasts (this is mainly because breast reduction plastic surgery has removed some breast tissues of women). Therefore, female friends must give more consideration when choosing this technique.

Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation, also called breast augmentation, is a procedure that improves the female breast curve by increasing the volume of the female breast without affecting the lactation function of the female breast. This type of surgery mainly includes three types of prosthetic implant breast augmentation , autologous fat breast augmentation, and injection breast augmentation. Prosthetic implant breast augmentation is a procedure to beautify a female breast curve by implanting a silicone gel prosthesis (a silicone gel prosthesis can be designed according to a woman s chest, body shape and requirements ) into a woman s breast. Autologous fat breast augmentation is a surgery to beautify the breast curve of women by implanting women s own tissues into the breast (such as fat flaps free from the dermis, upper abdominal flaps, etc.). Due to the complicated operation, large trauma and uncertain effect of autogenous fat breast augmentation, it is rarely used in clinical prac tice. Breast augmentation is a procedure that beautifies the breast curve by injecting artificial chemicals (omeridine) into the space between women s breasts. Since the approval of injection breast augmentation in China in 1997, a large number of women have undergone injection breast augmentation in China, and most women have better breast augmentation results.

Women with sagging breasts should choose breast plastic surgery according to their breast sagging degree and associated symptoms. Mild sagging breasts (that is, the nipple position is lowered by 1 to 7 cm), but women with normal breast sizes generally do not need to perform breast plastic surgery (such women can achieve the purpose of raising the height of the nipple by wearing a supporting bra). If such women must undergo breast plastic surgery, a breast lift is an option. Women with mild sagging breasts and breast atrophy can choose breast augmentation. Breast augmentation can increase the volume of breasts that women shrink due to atrophy, restore their breasts to their original size, and restore their nipples to their original height. Women with mild sagging breasts and enlarged breasts can choose breast reduction plastic surgery . Breast reduction can correct the shape of the breast while removing excess breast tissue in women. Women with normal breasts who have moderate breast sagging (ie, nipples falling 7.1-12 cm) or severe sagging (ie, nipples falling more than 12.1 cm) can choose breast lift. Women with breast atrophy and moderate or severe breast sagging may choose to perform a combined breast augmentation and breast lift . Women with enlarged breasts and moderate or severe sagging breasts may choose to perform a combination of breast reduction surgery and breast lift.

Obviously the scar left after breast cosmetic surgery is obvious depends on the position of the incision of breast cosmetic surgery. After the plastic incision in the axillary transverse fold, the scar after surgery is the least noticeable. The surgical incision is located around the areola , and the scar after surgery is not obvious (the skin of the female areola is brown with nodules and the areola sebaceous cover, so the surgical incision near the areola is not very obvious). Surgical incisions are performed in breast plastic surgery under the breast folds, and scars are most obvious after surgery.

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