Eating seafood can be harmful

1. Environmental pollution causes the heavy metals in marine organisms to exceed the standards, and of course seafood is no exception, so if you eat seafood for a long time, it will cause the accumulation of toxic and harmful substances such as heavy metals in the body and endanger health.

2. The desire to fresh and tender while eating raw seafood is more harmful. Because seafood contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, such as Guanyuan nematodes, Clonorchis sinensis, and lung flukes, if raw food or incomplete heating , food poisoning, intestinal infectious diseases or parasitic diseases may occur.

Seafood 3. Seafood contains arsenic pentoxide. If seafood and fruits are eaten together, vitamin C in the fruit may reduce arsenic pentoxide to arsenic trioxide, and arsenic trioxide is arsenic. Therefore, if you eat seafood and fruit together, it is easy to cause poisoning. Further, the fruit acids, tannic acid and other ingredients in the fruit can be combined with the minerals in seafood to form non-digestible substances and stimulate the stomach and intestines. Drinking beer and seafood together produces too much uric acid, which can trigger gout and arthritis. Therefore, such patients need attention.

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