Types of buttocks surgery and hip classification

It is the dream of all girls to have a round and slightly warped hip, but unfortunately, Oriental girls are inherently inadequate in hip shape, and bad habits make the hip shape expand and sag. So how can we solve this problem? Many netizens consult the author, if you want to have sexy hips, can you achieve it by plastic surgery? There are many types of hip repairs on the market. How to choose a surgical method that suits you is smart. Will not be fooled? The author takes everyone s questions together to understand the current popular buttock surgery.

Hip shaping process: use the swelling liposuction method to remove excess fat from the hips, and from the second day after surgery, cooperate with specific electromagnetic wave irradiation to ensure hip shape effect and accelerate recovery.

Experience and curative effect: Flat sagging buttocks need to absorb part of the fat from the lower part of the buttocks to make the gluteal groove visible. Gourd buttocks should absorb the fat at the junction of the outer hip area and the side waist, and use the curve of the waist and hips to form the visual effect of hips.

Note: bruising may occur at the surgical site. It takes about 1 month to swell and become natural. In order to ensure hip shape, it is best to stay in bed for 5 days after surgery.

Experience and curative effect: It consists of three techniques: auto-fat buttocks, auto-fat buttocks lift, and fat-solubilizing buttocks. With almost no pain, the operation can be completed in about 2 hours. But pay attention to the autologous fat injected on each side is best not to exceed 150-200cc.

Note: The injected fat particles absorb 40% -60% within 3 months, and the injection needs to be repeated twice within half a year. If the autologous fat particles lose their activity, local rejection or even necrosis will occur.

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