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With the improvement of people s living conditions, people pay more and more attention to self-health care, and dietary supplements and nutritional functions are more and more valued by people. Many people have heard that the role of diet therapy is good, so they buy some medicinal herbs to cook with ordinary food, or go to a restaurant to take a medicinal diet. Is there any benefit to eating this way?

The so-called diet therapy, Chinese medicine is called diet tonics, which uses the role of food to maintain the health of people, and aids in the prevention and treatment of diseases. There is a special volume in the Golden Recipes entitled Food Treatment , which introduces the fruits by category., Vegetables, cereals, birds, animals, and fish and their effects on the human body. People often say that medicine-food homology is not about eating medicine and food together, but that many foods have the dual effects of food and medicine.

Food therapy is basically suitable for all ages, but strictly speaking, it should also vary from person to person depending on the nature of the food. Ordinary foods such as rice and flour. Foods with dual functions of food and medicine include ginger, onion, jujube, longan meat, wolfberry, mulberry, wine, vinegar, etc. These foods are very different from traditional Chinese medicine. They Can be called medicine and food homology.

Pure and pure Chinese medicinal materials can only be eaten when treating diseases, such as ginseng, astragalus, angelica, cordyceps, etc., and those who have no serious illness should be used with caution.

The food is divided into cold, cold, warm and hot. Cold foods such as bitter gourd, radish, seaweed, cabbage, etc. can clear heat, relieve fire, defecate, detoxify, and those who are cold should not eat more; hot ones such as ginger, Onions, chives, peppers, mutton, dog meat, etc., can be scattered in the warmth, tonify the kidneys and yang, and tonify qi, etc. Those with yang deficiency can be eaten.

Chinese medicine believes that the human organs return to the classics, and some foods have an obvious effect on certain organs of the human body, and you can eat more in moderation. For example, ginger and cinnamon are good for the spleen and can increase appetite ; persimmons and honey can nourish yin, moisturize, and relieve cough.; Mustard and coriander can reduce phlegm, which is good for the lungs; wolfberry and pork liver can be eye-catching; walnut kernel, almond, banana cough, laxative; hawthorn , lotus seeds, spinach help digestion.

In addition to playing a certain role in medicine, food can also be cooked and eaten with real medicine. This is what people call medicinal diet. The medicated diet is not to be eaten whenever you want, but should be decided according to the physical conditions according to the differences in climate, region, age, and sex, under the guidance of professionals. If the summer is hot and the human body likes to be cool, you should eat more medicated diet mainly based on summer heat elimination; in the spring, the temperature is warmed and the human body is characterized by liver-maintenance. It is best to eat liver-enriching food and medicated diet such as mulberry Mint water, leek fried pork liver and so on.

China has a vast area, with different terrain heights and different climatic conditions. Therefore, medicated meals must be prepared according to different areas. For example, the southeast coast has a humid climate, and residents are susceptible to hot and humid, which is suitable for light dehumidification. Scattering cold and refreshing. If you have a cold, you can use ginger sugar and perilla leaves to hydrolyze the table in the northwest, and mulberry mint water is suitable in the southeast.

There is an old saying in China: Winter tonic, spring to fight tigers, people like to use ginseng, astragalus and other medicinal materials to stew soup with old hens during the severe winter season. This is suitable for the elderly who are weak , thin and cold, But less suitable for children and adolescents. Normal children and adolescents are best to eat chicken soup without any traditional Chinese medicine. It is best to leave the oil aside when drinking soup. It is better to be light and refreshing. You cannot blindly tonic, otherwise it is counterproductive.

A correct and reasonable diet is very important to the human body. You must learn to follow the natural laws of diet, and do not take medicated diet easily. Medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement, it is best to adhere to a reasonable and regular diet.

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