Laparoscopic Girth Volume Reduction Surgery

When various weight loss terms such as drug weight loss, exercise weight loss, and psychological weight loss are flooding the ears, a brand new way of weight loss is quietly emerging, which is a bit surprising. This is the laparoscopic vertical banded stomach volume reduction surgery..

A narrow stomach sac is formed on the small curved side of the stomach. This new stomach is generally 1/10 the size of the original stomach. As the volume of the stomach becomes smaller, the energy intake is correspondingly reduced, but it does not affect nutrient absorption and has no effect on the normal metabolic function of the body.

According to a patient who has undergone gastric volume reduction surgery, she does not need to take medicine or intentionally increase the amount of exercise after surgery, nor does she need to actively diet, but she loses weight at a rate of 5 pounds per month ( weight loss within one year after surgery becoming steady). I used to eat three large bowls of rice for a meal, but now I only eat one bowl; I can eat a pound of dumplings easily, but now I can only eat five or six . With the exception of her appetite, and she often feels full when she eats, the rest of her quality of life has not decreased, including the feeling of saturation and hunger. Complications caused by obesity, high blood pressure, tachycardia and hyperlipidemia were alleviated. .

According to the doctors performing the surgery, European and American countries have already reconstructed the gastric sac of patients through conventional surgery as early as the 1980s, in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss, and have achieved a stable clinical treatment effect. However, the operation is limited due to the large trauma and complications, and the large surgical scar left. By the 1990s, due to the application of laparoscopy, medical experts began to try to perform gastric volume reduction surgery with laparoscopy and achieved success. Compared with laparotomy , it has less trauma, less pain, does not require painkillers, eats early and recovers faster Meet salient features such as beauty requirements.

Due to the success of gastric volume reduction surgery, many people who are not obese have also requested surgery to achieve cosmetic results. In this regard, relevant doctors pointed out that at present, gastric volume reduction is mainly used to treat a series of complications caused by simple obesity. It is not impossible for people purely for cosmetic purposes, but the operation is still Be careful.

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