Laparoscopic gastric interval surgery

Twenty-two-year-old Chen surnamed Dinosaur sister-in-law weighing 152 kilograms, tried hundreds of ways to lose weight, cost millions of dollars, but still couldnt lose weight, but underwent laparoscopy at Tzu Chi Hospital in Hualien Forty-four kilograms of fat was dumped after the gastric interval surgery. At present, she is quite satisfied with her figure and lives fairly easily.

The woman named Chen, who was once the sister of the dinosaur, said that she had already weighed a hundred in her sixth grade. She has tried hundreds of weight loss methods since childhood and spent millions of dollars. I tried all the medicines, weight loss recipes, and dieting, but all of them didn t work. She also vomited because of eating guilt, or dared not to eat food after losing weight. She almost went to psychiatry for anorexia.

A woman named Xing Chen underwent laparoscopic gastric interval surgery at the Tzu Chi Hospital in Hualien in January this year. Her stomach was reduced to reduce her food intake. Five months later, 44 kilograms of fat had been removed and her weight was 152 kilograms. It has been reduced to 108 kilograms. Based on the height of Chen s 178 cm, although the current mass index of body weight and height is still high, she is quite satisfied with her current figure. She said that she no longer needs to deliberately Dieting, coupled with daily work activities, she continued to lose weight, she felt very comfortable in her current life.

Wu Chaoqun, a surgeon at Tzu Chi Hospital, said that there are two types of surgery to help lose weight: gastric bypass surgery and gastric compartment surgery. Among them, gastric bypass surgery is to directly connect the intestines to the upper part of the stomach . This method is invasive and irreversible. The treatment method is likely to lead to vitamin B12 deficiency and the risk is high, so he is less recommended.

As for laparoscopic gastric compartment surgery, Wu Chaoqun said that a special structure of nails separates the upper part of the stomach from a space of about 50 cis to reduce the volume of the stomach. Usually, as long as the small stomach is filled, there will be satiety. The one-centimeter-diameter opening at the bottom of the small stomach slowly enters the large stomach for digestion. After undergoing surgery, as the stomach capacity shrinks, the appetite will be significantly reduced to achieve weight loss.

Wu Wuchaoqun said that gastric compartment surgery is to limit the patient s food intake to achieve natural weight loss. On average, those who are highly obese can drop more than ten kilograms a month, and unlike small bowel resection, there are sequelae.

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