Is there any effect of scraping and losing weight?

Many times, scraping and losing weight has become very popular. This method of weight loss is considered to be a green way to lose weight. So how does this method achieve weight loss? What effect does it produce? And what does it look like?

1. Stimulation effect: The method of scraping the meridian can produce a certain degree of local stimulation. The meridian and Yu points can be used to pass stimulation information into adipose tissue, so that it can be decomposed and liquefied. Metabolic balance.

2. Enhance circulation of blood and lymph fluid. By dredging the meridians and diet, the blood and lymph fluid can be accelerated to circulate, thereby taking away the fat components that are decomposed and liquefied during the process of weight loss, and excreted through the sweat glands, respiratory tract, and urine.

3. Regulate endocrine disorders, regulate metabolism balance, and suppress appetite. The regulation of endocrine disorders is of profound significance in the process of weight loss. Many obese people cause various levels of endocrine disorders due to various reasons. After weight loss treatment, when her hormone metabolism reaches normal levels, her weight will soon reach normal levels, and fat accumulation will start from In a sense, it is too nutritious. Relieving appetite through scraping treatment, reducing food intake is very important for weight loss.

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