Drink plenty of water, be at ease, keep warm from morning and evening

Yang Hualu wailed as soon as possible, and sooner or later. Today s valley rain is the last solar term in spring. Since then, the rainfall has increased and the temperature has risen. The factors of Guyu s solar terms should also be taken into account during health care, and selective conditioning should be carried out according to to its climatic characteristics.

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the liver belongs to the wood, and the happiness is up, which corresponds to the spring yang. Spring is the best season for nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, and it is also the most frequent season for liver disease.

If you don t pay attention to the maintenance, the liver qi rises too much or the liver qi stagnates, it is easy to damage the liver and give birth to many diseases. Gu Yu is the last solar term in spring. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine health care, he still focuses on nourishing the liver.

I have to sleep well before nourishing the liver. Folk diet therapist Zhao Shili introduced that modern people s yin and yang reversed habits are particularly harmful to the liver. Nowadays, many people s liver disease is actually boiled out, Most people who stay up all night have red eyes. Symptoms. If you do this for a long time, your liver will be hurt.

The Yellow Emperor s Internal Classic records: People lie to the liver due to lying in the blood, and in the spring should lie at night and get up early. Modern medical research confirms that the blood flow into the liver during sleep is seven times higher than when standing. The increase in blood flow through the liver is conducive to enhancing the function of liver cells and nourishing the liver. At the same time, it can improve the detoxification ability, and accelerate the metabolism of nutrients and the discharge of accumulated toxins in the body, thereby maintaining the stability of the body s internal environment.

If the rest is too late, the blood does not nourish the liver, it will manifest as a bad complexion or even blue, and it will cause serious liver and kidney damage over a long period of time. Zhao Shili said.

Diet is mainly sweet. Zhao Shili said that spring liver nourishment should be sweet and less sour, such as japonica, beef and jujube should eat more. The sour taste has a convergent effect, which is not conducive to the development and evacuation of liver qi.

Li Shizhen said in Compendium of Materia Medica: The chives have the same hot root temperature and have the same function. They are spleen and shed blood when they are cooked, and sweet and tonic when they are cooked. They are also liver dishes. It plays a role in replenishing yang and strengthening liver, spleen and stomach functions. In addition, in the spring, try to avoid eating greasy, cold, sticky, spicy food, so as not to hurt the liver and spleen.

Soothe feelings prevent qi depression. Zhao Shili said that maintaining an optimistic and open minded attitude is also essential for liver health. As the saying goes, every disease is caused by qi, and the liver is the main qi. If irritability, temper tantrum and other phenomena appear, it is related to qi. If a woman has chronic liver depression and stagnation, she will experience symptoms such as irregular menstruation.

Only the style can be rained, the liver is in the six sexes, the liver qi is smooth and smooth, and the human body s various systems can be smooth, and no disease is born. Zhao Shili said. This requires everyone to learn to self-regulate and control their emotions, be open-minded, and avoid anger in the event of unhappiness, and vent in time to prevent depression. He suggested that management and leaders should give employees more praise and encouragement, and less criticism and punishment in the spring, in order to make the year a happy one.

1. Moderate amount of wolfberry and chrysanthemum, brew and drink. Wolfberry tastes sweet and nourishes blood. It enters both liver and kidney meridians. It takes chrysanthemum flowers to clear heat and remove fire. If red dates are better, it can help express liver qi.

2. Rose, jasmine, wolfberry tea. It is very helpful for the symptoms of weakness, dysmenorrhea, and temper tantrum caused by liver stagnation and qi stagnation in women.

世 Zhao Shili said that for the elderly, Gu Yu season is a time when cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are high. At this time, it is the time to change from dry to rainy water in spring, and it is the time to change from cold spring to hot summer, and many people cannot adapt. Especially in the elderly who suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the decline of liver function leads to insufficient liver qi, which can easily cause problems such as blood stasis and lead to recurrence of old diseases .

For a full meal, don t overeat. Just be full. Otherwise, a large amount of blood will flow to the stomach to help digestion, the heart will be ischemic, and the liver will be overloaded.

1. Chinese wolfberry lotus seed rice porridge. 20 grams of Chinese wolfberry and 30 grams of lotus seeds are used after soaking. If you have symptoms of getting angry, you can add a few chrysanthemums when you are ripe, or directly use porridge with chrysanthemum water. It has a nourishing effect.

2. Spinach. Chinese medicine believes that spinach is sweet and cold, enters the intestines and stomach. It has the effects of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding, benefiting the five internal organs, communicating the blood, quenching thirst and intestines, nourishing yin and flattening the liver, helping digestion, and clearing gastrointestinal fever, and often has good effects on adjuvant treatment of liver qi discomfort and gastric disease. It has a good therapeutic effect on hypertension, headache, dizziness and anemia caused by insufficient liver-yin in spring.

3. Beef stew with white radish. Beef is sweet and enters the liver and stomach. The lighter the stew, the better. Don t put MSG or aniseed. Skim the oil slick when drinking.

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