Self-manipulation therapy for patients with hypertension

Tuina massage is one of the health and fitness measures loved by the masses. It is not only economical and simple, but also does not require special medical equipment, and is not restricted by the weather conditions of time and place. It can be implemented anytime , anywhere; and it is stable, reliable, easy to learn and use, No side effects. In modern times, there is a self-manipulation method for hypertensive patients. Because of these advantages, manipulation has become a well-being and fitness measure loved by the masses. Let s take a look at the self-manipulation method for hypertensive patients.

Hypertension refers to an increase in arterial systolic and / or diastolic blood pressure (\\ u0026 gt; = 140 / 90mmHg) in the resting state, often accompanied by disorders of fat and glucose metabolism, and functional or organ functions of the heart, brain, kidney, and retina. Qualitative change.

Bathing surface wipe method: Rub your hands, apply from the forehead to the lower jaw along the front of the ear, and repeat it 20-30 times. Then use both hands and four fingers to spread from the Yintang acupoint along the eyebrow arch to the two temples, repeated several times, and gradually moved up to the hairline. The technique is easy and soft, and the Yintang acupoint is slightly pressured to produce a local warmth. This method can lower blood pressure and improve facial gloss.

Knead 攒 Bamboo acupoint: Use both hands to press the ends of the thumb and rub each side about 100 times, using even force. This method can reduce headaches, dizziness and other symptoms.

Wipe the bridge bow: head to one side, with both hands and four fingers on the abdomen behind the contralateral ears along the big tendons and push down to the upper thorax of the thorax, hands alternately, repeated many times. This method has a significant antihypertensive effect.

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