Diet-assisted hypoglycemic porridge

Diabetics should develop good eating habits in their daily diet, taking care not to consume foods with high sugar content. The five porridge meals recommended in this article can effectively regulate the physical condition of patients with diabetes.

Indica corn must porridge 15 grams of corn and 50 grams of japonica rice. Wash the corn, add two bowls of water, cook for 20 minutes, remove the residue and juice. Wash the japonica rice, add it to the corn beard juice, and cook into porridge. Can be eaten for breakfast and dinner. Suitable for all types of diabetes patients.

Pueraria Root White Rice Porridge Pueraria Root Powder 30g, Rice 100g. Cook porridge with white rice, add pueraria powder, and cook until the rice rots into porridge. Suitable for diabetics with body weight loss.

Black sesame black bean porridge with black sesame 500 grams, black beans 1000 grams. Process both together into a powder. Take 100 grams of black sesame and black bean flour each time, add 50 grams of flour, mix well and cook into porridge. Divide into 3 meals and eat with meals. Suitable for all types of diabetes patients.

Pumpkin pumpkin bran porridge with green and fresh pumpkin 250 grams, wheat bran 50 grams, corn 50 grams. Wash and cut the pumpkin into small pieces, add water to the pot and cook until the six are ripe, add the washed corn, and add wheat bran after boiling. Mix well and cook until the corn is cooked. Suitable for all types of diabetes patients.

Bitter gourd porridge, bitter gourd 150 grams, japonica rice 50 grams. Wash bitter gourd, remove seeds, and slice. Wash the rice, add water into the pot to cook porridge, add bitter gourd slices, and cook on low heat for 10 minutes . Twice in the morning and evening. Suitable for all types of diabetes patients.

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