What are the indications for various eyebrow cutting techniques?

What are the indications for various eyebrow cutting techniques? Many beauty lovers want to have a pair of curved willow leaf eyebrows, beautiful eyes plus beautiful eyebrows, the eyes will be more beautiful, but what to do if the eyebrows don t look good? Eyebrow cutting can To help you modify various eyebrow shapes, let s follow the experts to see the indications of various eyebrow cutting techniques.

Suitable for those with sagging on the outside of the eyebrow, downward movement of the outer corner of the eye, and sagging skin on the outer upper eyelid, some even with triangular eyes; scars on the outside of the eyebrow, hyperpigmentation, and normal position and shape of the middle and brows. It can be removed by removing the outer eyebrows without traces, and removing the extra upper eyelid skin, correcting the sagging of the upper eyelid skin, lifting the outer eye corners, removing temporal wrinkles, making the eyes and face younger, improving the shape of the eyebrows, and achieving double-edged effects through surgery..

It is mainly suitable for scarring and thinning of the eyebrows due to repeated eyebrow washing; the color behind the eyebrows (usually light brown or dark blue), which usually appears as a thick black caterpillar lying on the upper edge of the orbit and washed by lasers and other means The color behind the brows cannot be removed. All eyebrows must be removed. In order to achieve no marks after surgery, the incision position must be designed first to ensure that the fine incision marks after the surgery are in the eyebrow or thrush area. According to the degree of skin relaxation of the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the patient, the upper eyelid and temporal region are appropriately removed. Excess skin. At present, the skin of the eyebrow is cut to the superficial layer of the skin, so as not to damage the deep supraorbital nerves and blood vessel bundles, so as to avoid long-term numbness of the scalp and frontal area. In addition, the suture is sutured with imported absorbab le lines under the skin, and the dermis is sutured. No-seam adhesive tape is used, and the postoperative trace is extremely inconspicuous. It is the most ideal eyebrow cutting method and technique. Eight days after resection, thrush is feasible, and eyebrows are re-stretched 1-3 months after surgery.

Suitable for those with slack skin on the upper eyelids, normal structure and shape of eyebrows, and low position. The incision is designed at 1 mm on the upper edge of the eyebrows. According to the degree of skin relaxation and eyebrow movement, the shape and size of the skin on the eyebrows and the removal of the eyebrows are determined.

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