Several Misunderstandings of Obesity in Weight Loss

The ideal weight-loss medicine should meet the following requirements: it can stably and lastly reduce body fat, especially the amount of abdominal fat, and has a small impact on protein metabolism; it is not easy to rebound after stopping the drug; easy to take, less adverse reactions, no addiction, Good security. But there are no weight loss drugs that can fully meet the above requirements. Over-reliance on drugs to lose weight can easily cause serious side effects.

Many obese patients set their weight loss goals to achieve a standard weight. Years of practice have proven that this concept is not desirable. For overweight and mildly obese people, reaching and maintaining a standard weight is not difficult. But for most people who are significantly obese, this goal is somewhat impractical. Because weight loss is a arduous work that requires long-term adherence, an overly strict goal means stricter diet control and greater activity, and it is quite difficult to adhere to it for a long time. Moreover, weight loss is not a goal, but a means to improve the quality of life. Studies have shown that even a 5% -10% reduction in original body weight is good for hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia. Therefore, the stage goal of weight loss may be set at 5% -10%, and it is not difficult to achieve this goal, which helps build confidence and long-term adherence.

Many people think that traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss is rhubarb, senna and other laxatives, but it is not true. The constitution of obese patients is divided into virtual and solid. Demonstrators usually like to eat and drink, have energy, have a strong body, and overeating is the main reason. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce intake and strengthen excretion in treatment. For such obese people, bitter cold medicine can be appropriately used to suppress gastrointestinal motility and appetite, such as Coptis chinensis, Cotinus coggygria, Cork, gentian, bitter gourd, Kuding tea, etc., and rhubarb and senna can be used to reduce turbidity; At the same time, choose foods with high cellulose content in fungus and konjac, which have a feeling of fullness without increasing calories. Patients with deficiency syndrome may not be overweight, and often have symptoms such as shortness of breath and fatigue. For the treatment of such patients, on the one hand, they should enhance their metabolic functions and also take care of the removal of metabolites; fat and wet and fat and sputum Refers to this kind of people, commonly used drugs to strengthen the spleen, reduce phlegm, dampen dampness, such as Poria, Zexie , Coix seed.

Obesity is a lifestyle-related disease, so patients should have sufficient initiative in treatment. The first is to actively communicate with doctors, so that doctors can learn more about the disease in a limited time, including the time of illness, the causes and causes of illness, dietary habits, and drug use. The more complete the information provided by the patient, the better the diagnosis and treatment of the doctor. After the doctor has determined the treatment plan, the patient should cooperate more proactively. First, he must have courage, self-confidence, and confidence in defeating obesity in the future. If he is not proactive, he will probably retreat halfway. In addition, the active treatment of patients can also help reduce their psychological stress and make them lose weight easily.

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