Parents are responsible for children’s early love

According to the latest psychological research, most of the children in early love lack family care, such as from single-parent families, or parents have harmonious relationships, parents cannot give their children enough attention, etc. If you give your children a warm and happy family environment, you can Avoid children s early love to a large extent.

Why Why is this? It turns out that children s early love is symbolic. Early love means premature maturity and entering the society. It means looking outside the family for psychological needs that cannot be met in the family. If the child has a warm home and enough parents to care for him, then it is too late for the child to hide in the comfort zone and it is not easy to seek warmth outside the family prematurely.

So, what are the characteristics of children who love early? What are the characteristics of these children and their family environment? One of the more common characteristics is that they feel empty and bored. We know that schoolwork is very heavy in secondary schools. If they can t find an environment where they can pour out their hearts even after studying, they will gradually accumulate a lot of pressure, and these pressures need to find a place to express. In addition, if they do not have good grades or find no fun from their studies, they are more likely to feel empty and bored, so finding little lovers has become a good way for them to relieve stress, pour out their hearts, and send out boredom. A large part of middle school students love is to find a close friend. If the parents can be close friends of the child, the child may not necessarily meet his psychological needs through love.

To avoid the child s early love, parents must first do it. Parents need to solve the problems themselves. Don t pass too much pressure on the child, try to help the child reduce stress. Secondly, parents should be close friends of their children and care more about their children s psychological growth, rather than just asking about academic performance. Third, if the child really loves early, the parents should not just blame or break up the children, but think more about what is not done by the parents themselves, so that the children have to seek warmth outside the family? Think about it this way Thinking will help parents understand their children better and handle their children s problems of early love in a rational way.

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