Effective massage to lose weight

Introduction: Massage can help a deep sleep massage can make the patient s circulation good and prevent physical decline. It also helps to relax the body and mind. Play a role in weight loss.

To the right, the waist is the most eye-catching part. If the waist is bloated and obese, it is difficult to match the fit fashion that emphasizes the body curve. However, the waist is usually a very difficult part to move, and it is easy to accumulate fat. If the waist, abdomen, back and waist meridians, acupoints, muscles are reasonably stimulated, waist obesity can be gradually eliminated.

With If you use strong stimulation, press the abdominal rectus muscles and the obliques in the rib muscles to make the waist slim. The specific method is the same as that for massaging the waist veins.

The zygomatic belt veins are located in the belt vein points, and the waist is the thinnest. Massaging this meridian often has a good effect on reducing back fat. You can use both hands to squeeze, knead, and hold the pulse from both directions.

Acupoints at the waist include: acupoints with veins, located at the top of the eleventh rib, at the same height as the navel; abdominal cleansing points, located down the nipple line, 3 cm below the navel. The acupoints on the back are: Jingmen acupoint, located at the top of the twelfth rib; Zhishi acupoint, located 5 cm down from the second lumbar vertebra.

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