Causes of Obesity

At present, there are more and more obese people in the society. There are many causes of obesity, usually caused by diet or this disease, but you know, there are actually other aspects. Today I will tell you what these are, what you can t think of, let s take a look together!

People always attribute the rising obesity rate to high-calorie diets, the popularity of refined foods, lack of exercise, and excessive stress. In fact, there are other alternative reasons for getting fat.

Insufficient long-term sleep can affect the eating cycle of the circadian body clock and also reduce the content of a protein called Leptin in the blood. This protein has an appetite suppressing effect, and it also affects the brain s judgment on whether the body has enough diet. In addition, people who lack sleep have higher appetite-stimulating factors. When you stay up all night, your stomach is more likely to feel hungry, and you unknowingly eat extra calories.

If a person s friend is a fat man, he is more likely to suffer from obesity. The reason is that if your friends or relatives are obese, it will change a person s acceptance standards for a reasonable weight and affect his diet and lifestyle.

If the temperature is very low, our body will automatically consume fat to keep warm; if the weather is very hot, our appetite will decrease. People who regularly use air conditioners are blocked from heat regulation and are more likely to be obese. It can be seen that while the human body is enjoying air conditioning, the heat in the body is also consumed less.

Researchers have discovered that a virus that causes colds and throat inflammation can cause obesity. In experiments, chickens and mice infected with a particular adenovirus gained weight more rapidly than other chickens and mice that were not infected with the virus, even when they didn t eat much. Researchers have discovered that the virus can rapidly increase fat cells in the body. Genes According to research, variants cause high body weight. British scientists have discovered a genetic variant that regulates the amount of fat in the body. People with this genetic variant are more important than people without it.

Thin This leptin is called anti-obesity factor and is the main hormone that reduces hunger. It controls our food preferences. People who lack leptin like all food and eat a lot, so they end up becoming fat. Secondly, due to the influence of the food chain, there may be residual hormones in the food entering the body, which can affect the endocrine balance and make it easier for fat to accumulate in the body.

A study by the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota in the United States shows that the body is often prone to obesity in a state of pessimism and unhappiness. People are always unhappy, they have a pessimistic mood on many things , and they tend to give up on themselves. This is reflected in the diet, which is often overeating, which leads to obesity. In addition, because you are unhappy, you may also develop bad habits, smoking, alcoholism, etc. These are one of the important factors that cause obesity.

Researchers at the University of Ohio have found that even weak light at night can cause people to gain weight. Even a balanced diet and active exercise cannot be avoided. The findings of the study actually benefited from the researchers eight-week experiment with three groups of pups.

People In people s traditional consciousness, it seems that body obesity is caused by excess nutrition, but this is not the case. Related nutrition experts have found that nutritional deficiency can also lead to obesity in the body. If the daily diet lacks nutrients such as vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and niacin that can turn fat tissue into energy substances in the body, the fat tissue in the body cannot be transformed It becomes an energy substance, which causes fat tissue in the body to accumulate and forms body obesity.

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