Beware of excessive weight loss leading to osteoporosis

Some women who are eager to succeed in losing weight sometimes take advantage of some improper ways to lose weight. However, this is bad for women s bodies. Surveys show that some women have the consequences of osteoporosis after excessive weight loss, which must be taken seriously by women!

According to hospital statistics, there are not a small number of young women who come to the hospital because of fractures. Many of these people are taking diet pills or liposuction addicts to maintain their body shape, resulting in insufficient calcium intake, and their weight is often short-term. The rapid decline affects bone density and leads to osteoporosis. Many girls in their 20s already have bone density in their 50s.

The source of estrogen in women is not only secreted by the ovary and adrenal glands. A small amount of adipose tissue can be converted into estrogen through biochemical effects to help the body absorb calcium and maintain the health of bones. The beauty of the body. Excessive loss of body fat affects the production of estrogen, which causes osteoporosis. Therefore, it is necessary for white-collar women to maintain proper weight. A US study found that women who lost 18 pounds after dieting lost 7 pounds in weight, but their bone density (bone mineral content in the body) would also decrease. Because the fat layer and muscles are weak, accidents, such as accidental sprains, falls, or crushes, are more likely to fracture than others. The most vulnerable parts of the human body are the lumbar, thoracic, femoral neck and forearm.

In order to prevent osteoporosis at a young age, healthy weight loss requires everyone s application. Rice should be eaten normally, but you can take a small number of meals. Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. You should maintain a moderate amount of aerobic exercise on weekdays Walking, climbing, walking, and swimming are all good sports. Especially for office white-collar workers, avoid sitting at the desk all day and take the time to go out for activities and sun exposure, which is good for the body.

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