Will winter accelerate aging? Women must learn to reverse tricks

The test of winter is not only cold resistance, but also anti-aging ability. Dry climates, high-sugar, high-fat diets, too little exercise, and even a hobby for alcohol are all silently accelerating aging.

Electric heating and heating will take away the moisture in your body and make the skin dry and itchy; sweets will destroy the protein in the skin and reduce the skin s resistance; alcohol will cause dehydration of the body and consume vitamin A in the skin . The skin is dehydrated and tight; hot bath is also the culprit that hurts the skin. Overheated water will take away the oil on the surface of the skin and make the skin feel itchy and tight; and most women dont like sports Metabolism slows down, how can aging not be patronized?

To combat the aging problem caused by seasonal factors, in fact, you must not give yourself an excuse this is because of winter. Regardless of the changing seasons, sticking to a good life and eating habits is the best way to combat aging. Of the policy.

The reduction of moisture in the skin is an important cause of wrinkles. Water should be replenished every 1-2 hours, and the dryness brought by winter climate and indoor heating is even worse, so you should pay attention to drinking water.

Too much Eating too much will make the stomach too full, and more blood needs to be gathered into the stomach to digest it, which will cause insufficient blood supply to the skin and accelerate skin aging.

Whole grain and whole wheat foods are richer in vitamins. Without excessive processing steps, nutrition loss will be reduced, and sufficient vitamins can maintain skin health.

Breathing slowly and deeply will relax the mind and increase the oxygen content in the blood. Taking deep breaths a few times a day will help you regain your youth.

The best posture for dozing beauty sleep is to sleep on your back, which not only reduces the possibility of wrinkles, but also avoids bags under the eyes. Sleeping on the side will increase wrinkles on the cheeks and chin. Sleeping on your back will make wrinkles on your forehead.

Do you think sunscreen can be eliminated in winter? In fact, sunscreen is needed every day, and the UV rays in winter are relatively not so strong. You can choose a sunscreen with a lower SPF value, and light damage such as lights and computers mainly come from UVA.

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