What should be paid attention to how to keep heavy snow

Daxue solar term is one of the 24 solar terms, usually on the 7th of December of each year (6th or 8th of a certain year), when the sun reaches the 255 degrees of the longitude of the yellow. The heavy snow season also means that it has entered the coldest time in winter. People should pay more attention to keeping warm in this season. Let s take a look at how to keep in good health in the heavy snow season. What should I do to keep in good health after heavy snow and what should I pay attention to?

Winter is overcast. Therefore, it is very necessary to prevent the cold invasion in winter. For the cold and heavy snow, first of all, it is necessary to appropriately increase or decrease clothes according to the change of weather; wearing a hat, wearing a bib, and wearing warm shoes may be the best choice for cold protection. Secondly, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, arthritis, and digestive diseases should pay more attention to cold protection and warmth, and wear a little coat when going out. When you are not feeling well, you should take the initiative to go to the hospital for examination. But don t be warm, especially thick clothes and thick fur, drunk to the fire, roast the abdomen, sweating excessively.

Head protection: The head is Zhuyang Meeting. For people without a hat, when the ambient temperature is 15 ° C, the heat lost from the head accounts for 30% of the total body heat; if the temperature is 4 ° C, the total heat lost from the head accounts for 60%. Cold weather can cause blood vessels to contract, and people can experience headaches and dizziness. For cerebrovascular patients, cold can easily induce cerebrovascular disease. Therefore, keeping your head warm is very important.

Warm chest: Winter wind and cold invade the human body, the first thing is the chest and abdomen. Colds in the chest and abdomen can easily damage the body s yang, which can lead to a heart attack. In addition, cold can induce gastrointestinal diseases, so the warmth of the chest and abdomen cannot be ignored.

Healthy feet: After the heavy snow, some women tend to feel cold due to the cold weather. Modern medical research believes that women are particularly afraid of cold in winter due to their lower resistance to cold due to menstrual pregnancy and puerperium or suffering from anemia , gastrointestinal disorders, and chronic illness. On the other hand, if women are nutritionally deficient and suffer from hypotension or hypothyroidism, they will also cause poor local or systemic blood circulation, especially blood circulation disorders in the limbs and limbs, which will cause cold hands and feet.

The foot is farthest from the heart. The blood supply is slow and low, the subcutaneous fat layer is thin, and the heat retention is poor. Once cold, it will cause the capillary of the respiratory mucosa to contract, which will reduce the disease resistance and cause upper respiratory infection. Keep your feet warm. At the same time, keep your feet clean and dry frequently. Wash your socks frequently. Stick to washing your feet with warm water every day. Massage and stimulate your feet. Keep walking for more than half an hour every day to move your feet.

Heavy snow and dry climate, the indoor climate is dry, although the perspiration and urine output in winter are reduced, the cells of the brain and body organs still need nourishment to ensure normal metabolism. Decrease in fresh vegetables can cause vitamin B deficiency and induce cheilitis.

Therefore, drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables in winter. Because the indoor and outdoor are dry and the humidity of the air is very low, you must drink plenty of water and replenish the water in time to ensure the normal metabolism of the organs. Generally, the daily hydration should not be less than 2000 ~ 3000 milliliters 300 ml).

In this solar term, people can tonic in eating habits. When tonic, eat more garlic, leeks, peppers, ginger, coriander, onion, yam, longan, chestnuts and dried apricots as warm foods to help prevent cold. However, the winter diet should avoid stickiness and coldness. Due to the dry weather and improper diet, it is easy to get angry and suffer from aphthous ulcers. Pay attention to controlling the quantity. At the same time, pay attention to eat less meat, eat more vegetables and warm fruits, drink more porridge. Experts advocate taking hot porridge in the morning and dieting at dinner to nourish the stomach. Especially mutton porridge, glutinous rice red date porridge, lily porridge, eight treasure porridge, millet milk rock sugar porridge, etc., the most suitable to take.

Indoor The indoor air pollution in winter is dozens of times more serious than outdoor. Therefore, while maintaining the normal indoor temperature, pay attention to the ventilation of the doors and windows that are often open to clean indoor air pollution and refresh the brain; in winter, the days are short and the nights are long, under the sun, especially at night. Go to bed early to nourish yang, and get up late to solidify yin. Therefore, we must insist on getting up early and getting up late, don t stay up late, don t get up too early in the morning to practice, and wait for daylight.

Many diseases are caused by emotions. For example, glaucoma is easily caused by emotional instability and irregular living habits. It is a blinding eye disease that occurs in cold winter months. Its symptoms are: eye pain, eye swelling, vision loss, and headache , nausea. And other symptoms. Therefore, we must always maintain a stable mood to avoid stress and excessive excitement; pay attention to regular living, do not stay in the dark for a long time, to prevent pupil dilation caused by increased intraocular pressure; in sunny weather, moderate participation in outdoor activities, because this can increase the fundus The supply of vascular oxygen reduces the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood to avoid intraocular pressure; in severe weather with cold climates, it is necessary to minimize going out to reduce the impact on the eyes.

The main cause of this disease is that the ultraviolet rays in sunlight are reflected from the snow to the human cornea, causing corneal damage. The symptoms are photophobia, tearing, foreign body sensation, strange itching, tingling, and edema. The length of stay should not be too long, such as work in the snow or tourism should wear sunglasses with UV protection. Especially friends in the Northeast, pay more attention.

Therefore, pay attention to keep the mood calm. The best way to change your depression is to do more activities, such as jogging, dancing, playing billiards, table tennis, etc., all are good ways to eliminate winter boredom and maintain your spirit .

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