Summer legal heart stroke

After entering the summer, the heat absorbed from the sunlight during the day is more than the heat lost during the night. The heat in the atmosphere is continuously accumulated. By the summer heat, the accumulated heat reaches its peak, so the summer heat is hot. The summer heat is generally around the mid-volt period, which is the hottest time of the year and the temperature is highest. This brings us to the word heat stroke. But it is not that the high temperature means that heat stroke will definitely occur. The occurrence of heat stroke is caused by a combination of factors. Generally speaking, there are two cases:

1. High temperature and high radiation This condition mainly refers to high temperature, very strong sunlight, and low humidity, which is commonly known as dry heat. At this time, due to the strong sun exposure and high temperature, a large amount of water in the body will be lost. When the water cannot be replenished in time, it is very easy to cause heat stroke.

2. High temperature and high humidity This condition is the most common hot and humid day in summer. High temperature and high humidity make the human body unable to perspire normally. At this time, the blood flow of the skin will increase by more than 3 times, and the cardiac output will increase by 50.% To 70%, so it can double the incidence of heart failure and increase the death rate of heart disease by 1.5 times.

The occurrence of heat stroke is not only related to temperature, but also related to humidity, wind speed, labor intensity, high temperature environment, exposure time, system strength, nutritional status, and water and salt supply.

The factors that induce heat stroke are complex, but the main factor is temperature. According to the meteorological characteristics, the microclimate at the scene of the heat stroke can be divided into two categories: one is a dry heat environment, which is characterized by high temperature, strong radiant heat and low humidity. The ambient temperature can generally be 5-15 ° C higher than the outdoor temperature. Humidity is usually below 40%; the other is a hot and humid environment, where the temperature is high and the humidity is high, but the radiant heat is not strong. When the temperature is between 35-39 ° C, 2/3 of the human body s waste heat is evaporated through sweating. At this time, if the surrounding environment is humid, sweat will not easily evaporate.

According to the experiments, the conditions that lead to heat stroke: ① relative humidity 85%, temperature 30-31 ℃; ② relative humidity 50%, temperature 38 ℃; ③ relative humidity 30%, temperature 40 ℃.

The degree of heat stroke can be divided into three levels: ① threatened heat stroke. In a high temperature environment, a large amount of sweating, thirst, dizziness, tinnitus, chest tightness, palpitations, nausea, weakness in the limbs, inattention, and body temperature does not exceed 37.5 ℃; ② mild heat stroke. With symptoms of threatened heat stroke, while the body temperature is above 38.5 ℃, accompanied by flushing, chest tightness, skin burning and other phenomena; or the skin is cold and cold , vomiting, blood pressure drops, pulse is thin and fast; ③ severe heat stroke. In addition to the above symptoms, fainting or cramps occur; or no sweating, body temperature is above 40 ° C.

In terms of diet, we should first pay attention to hydration. In summer, the body s water is more volatile, so you can t wait for thirst before drinking water. At that time, the body is dehydrated. In addition, some trace elements in the body will be taken away with the evaporation of water, so you should drink some salt water appropriately.

In terms of food, you should add enough protein, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, and beans; in addition, you should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that can prevent heat stroke, such as tomatoes, watermelon, bitter gourd, peach, black plum, cucumber, etc. Regarding cold drinks, the colder you eat, the easier it is to get a heat stroke. Because the short-term reduction in the temperature of the human body makes the human body unable to adapt at once , the digestive system is affected, which in turn affects the normal operation of each system function.

When working out, do sun protection work, wear sunglasses, sun hats or use parasols, penetrate the airy cotton or silk fabric clothes. It is best to wear a long-sleeved shirt, or use a shawl, and a sun hat for long periods of cycling under the hot sun. For long-term outdoor sports, prepare heatstroke prevention drugs, such as Huoxiangzhengqi, ten drops of water, and Rendan. Noon to 2 pm When the sun is the strongest, try not to stay outdoors, if possible , take a lunch break as appropriate. The temperature of the air conditioner should not be turned on too low, too much temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will lead to heat stroke.

When you find yourself and others showing signs of threatened heat stroke and mild heat stroke, the first thing to do is to quickly evacuate the high temperature environment that causes heat stroke, choose a cool and ventilated place to rest; and drink some salty cool drinks . You can also apply cooling oil, wind oil essence, etc. on the forehead and temporal area, or take Chinese medicine such as mandarin, ten drops of water, Huoxiangzhengqi water. If blood pressure drops and prolapses, you should lie flat and go to the hospital for intravenous drip saline. For severe heat stroke patients, in addition to immediately transferring the heat stroke from a high-temperature environment to a cool and ventilated place, they should also be sent to the hospital quickly, while taking comprehensive measures for treatment.

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