Laughing is good for health

Laughing is very physically demanding, and physical exertion causes the brain to naturally produce endorphins. Endorphins not only have analgesic effects, but also help to close interpersonal relationships. Because of this, laughter plays an important role in social life. Being with a friend is more likely to make you laugh than being alone.

Experts say that although a polite, short smile makes people happy, a smile does not improve the brain s euphoric hormone endorphin. Only laughter can increase the level of endorphin in the brain and exert analgesic effects. Laughing from the heart involves physical activities such as rapid breathing that are difficult to control. Can make you healthier and younger. Laughing people have stronger systolic function and faster heart rate. Laughing increases the blood flow of people by an average of 20%, which greatly improves blood circulation. For the sake of health, many people laugh on the balcony for 10 minutes every morning, which is equivalent to practicing laughter. This will make the body healthier and younger.

Laughing helps people lower their blood pressure. For those with high blood pressure, when they laugh, they will secrete an effective substance in the body to help repair blood vessels. At the same time, it can promote demonstration of nitric oxide and help lower blood pressure.

Laughing can lose weight. For many MMs, weight loss is a first-class event, preferring to lose weight without eating or drinking, but without dieting, as long as laughter can play a role in weight loss, because 1 minute of laughter is equivalent to exercise In 45 minutes, 20% of the calories were consumed.

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