Great heat treatment focuses on antipyretics and dampness

As the saying goes, the small summer heat is not too hot. The big summer day is July 22 this year. It will be the hot summer. After that, the hot and humid weather will inevitably follow. How can we avoid the summer heat without any delay?

In the summer season, due to the hot and humid weather, the body s metabolism is strong, and physical exertion will be much larger than in other seasons. In addition, due to short days and short nights, insufficient sleep and other reasons, when people arrive at this time, they will have reduced resistance and usually have weak constitution. It is more prone to symptoms such as general weakness, loss of appetite, dullness, languidness, and gradual weight loss. In severe cases, even low fever, dizziness, chest tightness, nausea, and sweating are not good. This is what Chinese medicine refers to as summer, commonly known as bitter summer.

1. Eat more bitter foods. Bitter foods not only clear the heat, but also relieve heat and relieve heat. Therefore, in the summer season, eat some bitter foods such as bitter gourd, bitter buckwheat, buckwheat, etc., which can strengthen the spleen and appetite and increase appetite. Keeping it aside, it can also prevent heat stroke. It can be described as killing two birds with one stone. In addition, bitter food can also make people feel refreshing and relaxed, which is conducive to the recovery of energy and physical strength in the hot summer, reducing or eliminating discomfort such as general weakness

2. Increase the intake of heat-clearing, heat-strengthening, spleen-wet, and damp-wet foods. Mung bean soup is a traditional folk food for heat-relief in China. In addition to the coldness of the spleen and stomach and the weak constitution, people can rest assured to eat it. In addition, lotus leaves, watermelon, lotus seeds, and winter melon are also very good. The heat-clearing and heat-relieving effect of lentils and barley kernels has a good spleen- invigorating effect, which is a good summer diet for patients with spleen deficiency.

3. The food for nourishing qi and nourishing yin is indispensable. The weather is very hot, sweating a lot, and it is easy to consume gas and hurt yin. At this time, people are often disease-free. Therefore, in addition to replenishing water in time, you should also eat some qi nourishing. Yin and light food to enhance physical fitness, such as yam, date, sea cucumber, egg, milk, lotus root, agaric, soy milk, lily porridge, chrysanthemum porridge, etc .

4. The protein supply needs to be sufficient. The temperature is high, the human body s metabolism is increasing, and energy consumption is large. Therefore, the supply of protein must be increased accordingly. The daily intake should be 100 grams. 120 grams of plant protein can be obtained from soybean products. Animal protein In addition to dairy products, you should also eat some meat, such as chicken, duck, lean pork, pigeon meat and other flat or cold meat products. Among them, duck is rich in protein, which can timely supplement the excessive consumption caused by summer heat, and Ducks are waterfowls, which are cool in nature, and have the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen, and nourishing dampness and dampness. They are especially suitable for those who have bitter summer heat and have heat in the body. It is best to stew when eating duck meat. You can also add lotus root melon and other vegetables for soup In this way, it can not only c omplement the nutrient supplements, but also strengthen the spleen and nourish yin.

1. Barley red adzuki bean porridge: 50g of red barley bean and 25g of red adzuki beans, wash them and put them in a pot, soak them in water for 34 hours, and cook until cooked. Eating this porridge after cooling has the effect of clearing heat, diuretic and detoxifying. Patients with dysuria can often take it

2. Orange peel tea: 10 grams of orange peel (double the fresh peel), the right amount of rock sugar, soaked in boiling water, the offspring tea drink has the effect of regulating qi, appetizing, dampness, and phlegm, and is suitable for those who suffer from bloating and bloating due to summer humidity.

3. Lotus leaf winter melon soup: one fresh lotus leaf (washed and chopped), 500 grams of fresh winter melon, add water to cook soup, season with salt, drink soup and winter melon has the effects of clearing heat and relieving heat, diuretic and dehumidifying, and quenching thirst, especially suitable for Summer thirst, upset, cough, thick yellow sputum, less yellow urine, oral ulcers

4. Watermelon skin porridge: Watermelon skin 100g, rice 50g, white sugar 15g peel the watermelon skin, peel it into diced rice, wash it and put it into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of watermelon skin, and boil over high heat. Then turn to low heat to cook porridge, mix with white sugar to clear the heat and relieve heat, diuretic and swelling, regular consumption can prevent heat stroke

5. Bitter gourd lean broth: about 200 grams of fresh bitter gourd, cut into cubes, 100g of lean pork, cut into casseroles, add an appropriate amount of boiled soup, and season with an appropriate amount of salt to season the heat and clear the heat Detoxification, especially suitable for those who are thirsty, swollen gums, and increased eye secretions caused by heat.

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