What exactly is a fat body? How to develop

We always like to ridicule ourselves for being fat, so it is difficult. But do you really understand your body? What is easy to gain weight? Is it easy to gain weight?

People who are prone to obesity usually have slow metabolism, lack of sleep, and often have dry mouth, dry urine and yellowishness, often constipation, and often have edema in the body. They like to drink cold drinks and have strong muscles. Based on these phenomena, you can determine whether you are fat-prone.

Most people who are prone to obesity are of an acidic constitution, that is, the pH value of the body is slightly lower, and there will be some physical phenomena such as bad breath or stinky stools, especially tired in the afternoon, and like to eat sweets and other physical phenomena; should be Eat more alkaline foods, such as apple cider vinegar, lemon vinegar, lemonade and other foods are foods that regulate acidic physique. You can eat more. Some people will say that this is not acidic? Actually not, these foods are alkaline foods. Lean body does not appear slow metabolism. On the contrary, metabolism is fast, everything can be quickly metabolized, so no matter how much you eat, you will not get fat easily.

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