See if your body is poisonous by lip color

The change of lips color can not only enhance one s temperament, but also see one s physical health condition from it. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lips are used for opening and closing, and they are outside the heart. Different lip colors represent different conditions of the body.

Tip: Your physical state is still relatively large. The tongue is like an indicator of energy in the body. When there is too much energy in your body, it will cause fire due to excessive energy. And the more the color develops towards deep red, the greater the fire in the body.

Immediately reduce the intake of the following substances, spicy foods, sugars, chicken, and lamb. They will only produce more energy, make your body more vigorous, and cause its color to be more red.

When you have so much discomfort, you need medicine to help. 30g of black ginseng, 30g of oatmeal, 30g of cinnamon, 2g of cinnamon, decoction. This recipe is the ancient famous recipe Zengye soup. There is a clear relief effect for the discomfort mentioned above. In the case of clearing the fire of the human body, the yin can be replenished at the same time, so that we are no longer dry fire and no longer catch fire.

Tip: Both Qi and blood in your body are in a relatively deprived state, because they are not full enough to make your lips show the kind of pale red that it should have.

A cup of old Chinese medicine every day [too tired recently] Poor memory, inattention, poor rest, and often upset, these are all signs of fatigue. Old Chinese medicine has been overworked recently. It uses wolfberry, cassia seeds and other materials with the same source of medicine and food, adopts ancient recipes, and refines them through modern scientific extraction to make health tea bags. Suitable for those who often feel tired and tired.

Tip: There is still a relatively obvious blood stasis and qi stagnation in your body. Blood flowing at normal speed will not show lips of this color.

It is strongly recommended to drink 1-2 tablespoons of old Shanxi vinegar every day, this will definitely make your dark black lips change after a period of time. Laochen vinegar itself has other effects, but also has a softening effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and improving mood.

Hint: There is still obvious moisture in your body, and at the same time it means that your kidneys, spleen and stomach are beginning to have deficiencies.

Try to avoid all kinds of sweets, fried, greasy, sticky foods, cold foods, etc., because they can produce more moisture in your body.

The meridians of your kidneys and spleen and stomach originate on your feet. Your feet are just as important as the roots of plants. Try to soak your feet with hot water every day. This will replenish the heat directly from your roots to the associated organs .

Tip: Whether you are talking or eating, the position of the corner of the mouth is relatively immobile during the up and down movement of the lips. They play a role similar to that of the portal axis, so once the body has a spleen and stomach yin deficiency, then the most prone to oil shortage is at the corner of the mouth, so in this case, they tend to crack easily.

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