I do n’t need to see a doctor from the beginning to the end

In our eyes, seeing a doctor has only one purpose, for health. But the methods are different, one is to check the body to prevent the coming of the disease, and the other is to cure the disease and drive away the disease . What we can do in our daily life is to prevent illness before it happens. Traditional Chinese medicine says that general is not painful, but pain is not synchronic, and the Huang Di Nei Jing also pays attention to the smoothness of the meridians of the human body.

The Yellow Emperor s Internal Classics records that meridians and meridians must die, live with all kinds of illnesses, and regulate innocence and reality. It is about the importance of meridians to life. Therefore, Chinese medicine often uses acupuncture, massage and other methods to clear the meridians. To achieve the purpose of healing and saving people. This is also the reason why in traditional Chinese medicine, it is essential to use the Qi of the acupuncture; the moxibustion person warms the meridians to dispel evil spirits; the meaning of the moxibustion is to regulate the blood channel and the wind and torture;

Pat fitness, which uses its palm or fist to slap the body, promotes blood circulation, activates bones and muscles, enhances internal organ metabolism, and the occurrence of fitness diseases.

From our daily life, we can also summarize the benefits of tapping. First, after holding a posture for a long time, we will tap the sore parts to relieve muscle stiffness. Secondly, we will relieve stress and relieve fatigue by knocking back and squeezing the waist. The reasoning is the same as tapping, it is to clear the meridians, and the meridians will naturally not hurt.

There are many methods of tapping, but in general, tapping along the direction of the body s meridians. The human body has 12 meridians, which can run qi and blood, connect the internal and external organs, communicate up and down, and communicate with the surface. The 12 meridians are connected by hands, feet, yin and yang, and the front and back, forming a cyclic system that repeats. Qi and blood reach each part through the operation of the meridians.

In Lingshu · Nianshunfeishou, it is recorded that the three Yins of the hand move from the chest. Therefore, when you slap, you start with the chest, pass through the front of the shoulder, pass through the inside of the forearm, underarms, elbow socket, and inside of the forearm., Palm, and finally to the fingertips.

The position is also recorded in Lingshu · Nishun Fat and Thin: Sanyang of the hand, go from the hand to the head. Therefore, when you slap, start from the back of the finger on the back of the hand, and pass up the back of the hand, the wrist, and the outside of the forearm., Outside the forearm, shoulder, and behind the shoulder. Because it moves by hand, it ends with the neck and cheeks.

In The Yellow Emperor s Nei Jing Ling Shu · Ni Shun Fei Shou , he recorded Sanyin of the feet, walking from the feet to the abdomen. The direction is from the foot through the inside of the lower limbs, to the abdomen, to the chest.

Slap from the upper side of the left chest, through the chest, down through the abdomen, lower abdomen, then the inner thigh, the inner thigh, the inner thigh, and finally to the ankle and foot.

It follows the direction from the head to the trunk, to the outside of the lower limbs, and ends at the feet. Starting from the side of the head, to the back of the head, neck, back, waist, lumbosacral region, hips , outside thighs, outside calves, insteps, and finally toes.

Dredge the foot Sanyang meridians to strengthen Qi and blood and camp guard. It has the symptoms of strengthening immunity, preventing and treating diseases, strengthening kidneys and treating back and leg pain, and weakness of limbs.

As mentioned above, there are so many acupuncture points in the body that have a certain effect on our body, whether it is blood circulation or physical fitness. However, the so-called use and retreat, if you do not often pat these points, their significance is not very significant. Therefore, this article s description today hopes that it can open a skylight for your health and help you better maintain your body.

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