Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients should drink plenty of water during the Spring Festival

Cardio-cerebral vascular disease is one of the most common diseases during the Spring Festival travel, and the ratio can account for more than one third. According to the incidence statistics, China s January-March Spring Festival is a period of high incidence of Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Doctors said that this was mainly due to the cold weather during the Spring Festival, and the fall in temperature could induce illness. In addition, the crowded environment is prone to anxiety and is also a cause of illness.

According to reports, cold weather can easily lead to vasoconstriction. Due to the common symptoms of arteriosclerosis in some middle-aged and elderly people, as soon as blood vessels constrict and blood flow resistance increases, it will lead to increased heart burden, easily cause coronary artery spasm and induce myocardial infarction. At the same time, the brain blood vessels with lesions themselves may cause sudden or intermittent conscious disturbances due to insufficient blood supply. Some patients with Alzheimer s disease (commonly known as senile dementia) and Parkinson s disease will get worse in winter.

Due to the narrow space of train seats, many elderly people are often forced to maintain a posture for a long period of time, which may cause back muscles soreness, edema in the legs and feet, resulting in obstruction of blood return, and severe blood clots may also cause Blood vessels are blocked, and once they fall off, they run inside the blood vessels to the brain, heart, or lungs, and even cause death, which is very dangerous. Experts remind you to avoid the same posture for a long time during long journeys. It is necessary to get up and move regularly. In addition, drink plenty of water and eat regularly to avoid excessive blood concentrations.

Experts suggest that patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should try to avoid travel during the Spring Festival. If they have to go out, they should learn to save themselves. Such as using drugs to control blood sugar and blood pressure to keep it in a stable stage. When dizziness, weakness, and palpitations occur, open windows to ventilate and ask for help from relatives and friends nearby. In addition, carry emergency medicine with you.

At present, motion sickness medicines on the market include oral motion sickness medicines, motion sickness patches, etc., the most effective of which is taking anti motion sickness medicines. Generally, motion sickness medicine should be taken on an empty stomach half an hour to one hour before boarding. And motion sickness stickers should be posted 5 to 6 hours in advance. The duration of motion sickness medicines varies, some lasting 4 to 5 hours, and some can be more than 12 hours. The ear stick tablet type motion sickness medicine usually lasts 3 days, so you should consult a pharmacist when buying medicine, and choose the appropriate medicine based on the length of the ride.

It is easy to find a cold because the boat boat is tired and the temperature is cold, so it is necessary to take a good cold medicine with you. When crowds are crowded, you must pay attention to wearing a mask to minimize the time spent talking with others on trains and other means of transportation, pay attention to maintaining distance and sitting angle, and avoid mouth, nose and mouth.

The most difficult thing for a person to travel is to go to the toilet, especially during the crowded Spring Festival. Therefore, before travelling, you should not only pay attention to your diet and health, but also remember to carry gastrointestinal treatment drugs. Bring some Huoxiangzhengqi water, Zhengchang pills, Baoji pills can basically deal with non-infectious diarrhea caused by cold, indigestion and so on; and for mild infectious diarrhea, you can choose berberine hydrochloride tablets, and severe infections Sexual diarrhea requires antibiotics such as norfloxacin capsules .

People with allergies during the Spring Festival are prone to off-site allergies, that is, living in a place for a long time, suddenly moving to a new place of residence, allergies caused by biological or chemical allergens, it is best to bring anti-allergic drugs. In addition, increase the ventilation of your environment as much as possible, and strengthen the cleaning of seats, sleepers, etc. Wearing a mask and long-sleeved clothes can help avoid inhalation or skin contact with allergens.

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