Winter woman qi and blood drink three red soup

Once anemia occurs in a woman in winter, various symptoms will be particularly obvious. Cold in winter, the capillaries on the surface of our skin will shrink, and the blood will slow down. Anemia women will have less blood and will run more slowly. . What is the most effective way for women to eat blood in winter?

Red bean is flat and has the effects of strengthening spleen and water, clearing heat and dehumidifying, swelling and detoxifying. Women are particularly suitable to eat red beans, because it is rich in iron and has the effect of nourishing blood. Brown sugar warms into the spleen and has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, relieving pain, relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis. Jujube is rich in calcium and iron, which is a good choice for iron and blood. These three types of food cooperate with each other to increase iron intake and improve the body s cold resistance.

The specific method is: 250 grams of red beans, 15-20 red dates, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar. Wash the red beans, pick out the impurities, and soak for two hours. The red dates are washed and pitted. Put red dates and red beans in the pot, add about 600 ml of water, and pour brown sugar. Bring to a boil and keep boiling for about half a minute. After the red beans are cooked, you can drink. It needs to be reminded that Sanhong Soup has a high sugar content and is not suitable for female friends with diabetes. It is also not suitable for people with abdominal distension and dry constitution.

Woman Winter women drink Sanhong soup, which can quickly replenish blood and replenish energy. The heart and blood are red in the five colors, and red food can be used to replenish blood. And jujube, brown sugar, red beans are warm, and can be used for conditioning cold body. Those who are physically weak or hot are not suitable for long-term use.

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