Large intestine cleansing to lose weight, clean your aunt

Most of the causes of obesity are accumulated unhealthy bowel movements in the body. Therefore, there will be a large bowel diet. The large intestine weight loss method was first implemented in Japan. This is the use of intestinal lavage to discharge waste from the body . It may feel uncomfortable at first, but you can detect the change from actual feelings and implement it every few months.

I went into the small room where the operation was performed and changed into cooking clothes. Of course, I took off my underwear. After going to the toilet, I dialed the extension number and the nurse in charge would come in, starting with measuring weight .

After relaxing, the nurse will use abdominal massage to relax you slowly, and then the doctor will come to examine the abdomen and use palpation to check the anus. Lie on your left side and bend your knees to reveal your hips.

After preparing properly, he started to wash the intestines. Slowly pour warm water close to the body and stop when the abdomen begins to swell. Then there is a feeling of air running away from the abdomen, and then hot water flows out through the hose . The next step is to repeat the injection and discharge of hot water.

The intestines start to move when stimulated by hot water, which is great when there is some feeling of blockage. The massage of the abdomen by the nurse is also effective, and a brown liquid flows out. Then, the biggest point is never to relax with force. Use the flow of power and hot water, and the feces will flow out naturally.

Repeat 5-6 times in about 40 minutes and you re done. Finally, when you go to the toilet, the hot water in the intestines will be discharged together with the feces still remaining. She lost 300 grams. Although not as thin as expected, the body feels relaxed.

Washed intestines will increase good bacteria and form a good condition, so please take sufficient water and yogurt, etc. At first I concentrated on doing it every few days, and after about 8 times I came every 2-3 months.

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