Can rubbing hands prevent disease? Health effects of rubbing hands

When the temperature is low, the blood circulation is poor. When the temperature is lower than 10 ° C and lack of certain exercise, it is easy to cause frostbite on the feet, fingers, palms, cheeks, auricles, etc. Rubbing your hands can increase local temperature It can also enhance blood circulation and prevent frostbite and frostbite.

Frequent hand rubbing can make fingers flexible, and it also uses many joints and muscle movements. It must be under the command and adjustment and control of the forebrain. Frequent hand rubbing can consolidate the reflection of the hand and the brain, and let the brain The more you use, the more flexible you are.

Regular rubbing of hands can promote metabolism and blood circulation and prevent colds. There are big fish points at the roots of the thumbs of both hands, which can effectively treat respiratory diseases. The blood veins here are very rich. Regular stimulation can promote blood circulation , clear the meridians, and prevent the upper respiratory tract and throat-nose. Invasion by bacteria and viruses enhances immune function.

Frequent rubbing of hands in patients with stroke and hemiplegia can effectively enhance local blood circulation, prevent atrophy of hand muscles, effectively promote rapid recovery of nerve meridians, and allow hand functions to return to normal. In addition, regular rubbing of the palm and back of the hand 50 times respectively can promote the excitement of the whole body and the excitement of the brain, enhance the flexibility and flexibility of the hand, and improve the cold resistance.

When rubbing hands, not only the movement of five fingers, but also the elbow, shoulder and wrist are involved at the same time. It is a delicate and complex exercise that can effectively train more than 50 hips, wrists, shoulders, palms, fingers , etc Muscles and more than 30 joints.

There are Laogong points in the horizontal lines of the palm. Regular massage can eliminate facial sores, clear the heart and stomach. There is Yuji acupoint in the middle of the first metacarpal bone of the palm surface, which has the effects of clearing blood heat and clearing heart and lungs. There is an acupuncture point in the horizontal stripes of the wrists at the joints of the wrists and palms. Regular massage can promote blood circulation on the face, relieve fatigue, and refresh the mind.

Rubbing your hands is a simple and easy method, which can help promote blood circulation throughout the body and bring so many benefits to the body, but you must pay attention when you massage. Wash your hands before massage, and then apply suitable skin care products to achieve a smooth effect. After the massage is complete, you can drink two glasses of water to promote metabolism.

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