A Private Visit to the Eight Character Mantra from Qianlong

Entering the village, I saw a lot of farmers who were tough and hefty, some were working in the fields, some were picking herbs at the hills, some were raising water by the spring, some were chopping firewood, and some were grazing cattle and sheep. Qianlong s followers stepped forward to inquire, one by one, either over the age of sixty years old, or over a rare age, it is not uncommon for people over a hundred years old. Coincidentally, an old man passed by happily , Qianlong asked his smooth answer: Remember the eight characters: hard work, freshness, dieting, and vegetarian meals. And explained that hard work, that is, farming, household chores, diligent and capable, more than a lifetime; fresh, That is to get fresh air in the fields, forests, gardens, and rivers; dieting, that is, to control diet, regular quantitative; vegetarian meal, that is, to eat more

As the saying goes, laziness provokes people to be old and hardworking and live long. Guangxi Longevity Elder Ran Auntie introduced Longevity when she was 105 years old and said, The secret recipe is daily labor, and the tonic is sunshine and rain . Life activity is a process of metabolism. The more vigorous the metabolism of the human body, the stronger the vitality of the human body, and the level of human metabolism is closely related to human labor and exercise. Due to the strong metabolism in the body, the physiological functions of various organs are fully mobilized and exerted, so the muscles are strong, the muscles are strong, the brain is developed, the ears are clear, the body is naturally good, and the life expectancy will be long.

Feast is about temperance and temperance. You must eat regularly and not overeat or overeat. Oversatisfaction will cause human blood to be concentrated in the gastrointestinal tract, while other organs in the body will be affected accordingly and its function will be affected. Too much nutrition makes people obese, and obese people are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gallstone disease and other diseases. Overeating and fullness may also cause gastrointestinal diseases such as indigestion. Oncologists have also discovered that overeating and fullness can cause a variety of cancers , including colon cancer and esophageal cancer. In the Ming Dynasty Ao Ying s East Valley Tale , The person who eats too much suffers from five illnesses, one stool counts, the two urinates, the three disturb sleep, the four are overweight, and the five suffer from food indigestion. Therefore, The Essentials of Health Preservation states: It is not enough to be full and people are disease-free. This is the main skill of health maintenance.

Generally speaking, people who live in high mountains, plateaus, forests, and fresh air live longer. It is probably because the air in these places is less polluting and less harmful to the human body. The water here is also clean, contains trace elements beneficial to the human body, and has less noise, which makes people mentally stable. Elderly people who travel to the countryside, the seashore, forest areas or mountain areas for tourism or recuperation if they have conditions are good for longevity. Waterfalls, flowing springs , strange peaks and rocks, green trees, bamboos, grasses, and insects can make people feel refreshed. Good psychological effects on physiology, the body s life rhythm is in harmony with nature, which virtually improves the quality and vitality of life. Modern scientists have found that the air in mountains, seashores, and rural areas contains many negative ions of oxygen. These negative ions are produced in large quantities during the respiration of plants thr ough the action of ultraviolet rays and cosmic rays, which is extremely beneficial to human health. It has created favorable working conditions for the heart and the central nervous system, which is beneficial to improving the functions of various systems of the human body and making people healthy and prosperous.

Hygienists of all ages thought that it should be light to eat. Sun Sizhen advocated that the diet of the elderly should be changyi light and sweet, large wheat koji and japonica are better. He also emphasized that good-natured people often need to eat less meat and eat more food. The famous doctor in the Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Danxi, also advocated eating less meat and eating more glutinous vegetables and fruits, which has a natural flavor. The lightness is the spectrum, the movement is not bad, and the body is also safe. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with the highest mortality rate are very closely related to blood cholesterol, and the concentration of blood cholesterol is related to the content of cholesterol in the diet. Meat and animal fats are rich in cholesterol. When people eat more cholesterol than the body needs, cholesterol will deposit on the walls of blood vessels, and atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc. will arise from this. As the saying goes, fish fires, meat sputum, radishes and cabbage keep peace is quite scientific.

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