Winter should be refreshing, airy, drink porridge, keep warm

It s snowy and the weather is getting colder. How should we do a good health during this period of time? TCM health believes that there is a ten good for snowy weather, health, ventilation, porridge, warmth, etc. In the dry season, we can also eat Chinese cabbage, which has a good effect on beauty and beauty. We also need to eat more green onions and carrots to keep warm and add calcium.

Yiyi should reconcile: winter can easily make people physically and mentally depressed. The best way to change your mood depression is to exercise, such as jogging, dancing, ice skating, playing basketball, etc., all are good medicines to eliminate winter boredom and maintain your spirit.

Twenty-two should be ventilated: In winter, indoor air pollution is dozens of times more serious than outdoor. Attention should be paid to the often open doors and windows for ventilation to clean the air and refresh the brain.

Sanyi porridge: winter diet avoid stickiness and cold. Nutrition experts recommend that you take hot porridge in the morning and go on a diet for dinner to nourish your stomach. Especially mutton porridge, glutinous rice, red date and lily porridge, eight treasure porridge, millet milk rock sugar porridge, etc. are the most suitable.

Twenty-five should keep warm: winter is yin, based on solid yin essence, should be less fluid. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the cold invasion in winter. But don t be warm, especially thick clothes and thick fur, drunk to the fire, roast the abdomen, sweating excessively.

6 should be good for feet: You must always keep your feet clean and dry, wash your socks frequently, and insist on washing your feet with warm water every day while massaging and stimulating your feet. Keep walking for more than half an hour every day and move your feet. In addition, choosing a pair of comfortable, warm and lightweight shoes with good moisture absorption is also very important.

Qiqi should drink more: Although sweating and urination are reduced in winter, the cells of the brain and body organs still need water to nourish to ensure normal metabolism. In winter, daily hydration should not be less than 2000 ~ 3000 milliliters.

Baba should eat green onions: Before and after the heavy snow, the weather is cold and the yang is hidden. If you do not pay attention to warmth, cold invasion is easy to get sick. Therefore, winter onions should be able to “pass the sun .

Special reminder: Although the green part of green onion is much more nutritious than the white part of green onion, from the perspective of Tongyang and food therapy, the effect of green onion is greater. The main ingredient of wonton soup is light white. Welsh onion has a spicy flavor and is slightly warm. It has the effects of tonifying the sun, detoxifying and flavoring. In addition to preventing colds and colds, it also has certain therapeutic effects on symptoms such as cold and abdominal pain, aversion to cold, fever, headache, nasal congestion, and dyslactation. It should be reminded that the general population can eat green onions, but people with gastrointestinal diseases, especially ulcers, should not eat more.

Nine should eat Chinese cabbage: dry skin in winter, Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E has a good skin care and beauty effect, and Chinese cabbage is rich in crude fiber, not only can play a role in intestines and promote detox It also stimulates gastrointestinal motility, promotes fecal excretion, and helps digestive function.

Special reminder: Chinese cabbage should be cut upright, because this cut is better for preserving moisture, reducing the loss of water in the dish, and reducing the loss of water-soluble nutrients. Secondly, the cabbage is easy to be cooked in this way , and the loss of vitamins is reduced. Thirdly, the Chinese cabbage can be used to retain more crude fiber, which is more conducive to stimulating intestinal peristalsis and increasing the effect of detoxification, skin care and beauty.

Shi should eat big carrots 缨: The arrival of heavy snow and solar terms marks the official start of the autumn and winter seasons. This is the season when the sun is weak, the human body is affected by cold temperatures, and physiological functions and appetite will change. Therefore, it is necessary to properly adjust the daily diet to ensure that the body has an adequate calcium source. Eating large carrots has a strong calcium supplement. Radish is the vegetable with the highest calcium content, which is very suitable for calcium -deficient people.

Special reminder: Like many vegetables, radish radish tends to lose vitamins, so it is best to stir it and eat it cold. One serving of cold radish can fully meet the daily vitamin A and K needs of the human body, as well as 55 % of vitamin C and 27% of folic acid, and 10% of calcium and manganese.

After entering the heavy snow, we should pay attention to adjusting our diet in time, in addition to keeping warm, we can also help us to stay healthy and do well in the cold, heavy solar terms. Health.

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