What you need to know about thigh liposuction

The thighs, waist and abdomen are the areas most likely to gain weight, and the most difficult for women to lose weight. Thigh liposuction solves this problem well. However, there are still many questions for everyone. Below, I will explain them in detail .

1. Outer thigh: The accumulation of fat on the outside of the thigh is often accompanied by hyperplasia of the upper knee. The thickness of the lateral femoral fat should be checked before surgery, and the degree of protrusion of the fat should be marked. During the suction process, be careful not to suck the fat in the dent of the buttocks to avoid deformity. The thickness of the skin and subcutaneous cellulite should be consistent with the surrounding area, and should not be excessively sucked to prevent adhesions and prominent bony signs after surgery.

2, the inner thigh: liposuction of the medial thigh: the skin of the medial thigh is thin, the fat is soft, the bleeding is easy during the operation, and the postoperative effect is not as stable as the lateral part. Care must be taken during the operation to avoid sucking too much fat, so as to avoid a large gap between the femurs on both sides.

3. Medial knee: The accumulation of fat on the knee is common on the medial part of the knee. It is easier to suck the fat on the knee, and there is less bleeding, and sufficient suction can be performed.

Of course, how effective the liposuction surgery for the legs is, according to the specific circumstances of each person, perform a fair division in these three parts, and then perform the operation.

Each thigh can absorb about 800-2000cc of fat, and wearing a pressure correction band within 2-3 months after surgery will help correct body shape. Experts said that the price of liposuction of the thigh is determined by the site of the operation, and a site is about 2500-6000. The more you pump, the higher the fee.

In fact, in most cases, the real effect of liposuction is sculpted body shape, and weight loss is only a secondary effect. The original meaning of the body sculpture is not to remove fat, but to make the distribution of fat meet the requirements of human aesthetics. This determines that the principle of liposuction should be the place where the pumping should be done, the place where the pumping should not be done, and the pumping should be done as much as possible. Whoever asks the doctor to pump as much as possible actually does not understand the true meaning of liposuction; Fanzizi points to a bucket of fat to show the merit to those seeking beauty, and must not grasp the essence of liposuction. So it s not that the more you pump, the better , or that the higher the price of thigh liposuction, the better.

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