What to do during the menstrual period during the Spring Festival trip

The annual tide of returning home has begun, and homecoming New Year has become the expectation of many people. But if you are unfortunately walking on your way home, you are also welcoming the day of reuniting with good friends once a month, and many female friends will feel very troubled.

Menstrual women s changes in endocrine hormones cause physical changes and discomfort in the whole body. These performances will be exacerbated by the fatigue of the journey, the living environment and even changes in mentality. Therefore, we must pay great attention to protect the body , pay attention to hygiene, take appropriate rest and self. Adjust so as not to cause disease.

Although the directions are crowded, female friends should still feel comfortable and happy, pay attention to rest, avoid being overworked, participating in heavy physical activities and strenuous exercise to prevent increased bleeding and prolonged menstruation.

Due to blood loss and changes in internal body fluids during the menstrual period, the body s resistance decreases. It is necessary to avoid rain, wading and cold, and cold stimulation can easily cause ovarian disorders and cause irregular menstruation. Do not eat spicy and irritating foods, such as peppers, spirits, etc., it is best to use warm and hot diet.

Endometrial shedding during menstrual periods causes a wound to form in the uterine cavity, a slight dilation of the cervix, a small amount of blood in the vagina, and changes in vaginal pH before and after menstruation. Therefore, inflammation of the reproductive organs often occurs during the menstrual period, recurring or aggravating, so you must pay attention health. Menstrual supplies should be disinfected soft, absorbent paper (marketed sanitary napkins for women) and absorbent cotton compressed vaginal plugs (also known as sanitary plugs), and should be replaced regularly to prevent bruising and infection of the vulva.

Limited physical strength during menstruation. Pay attention to proper rest and avoid strenuous exercise for a long time, such as walking with luggage for a long time. Then keep warm and avoid cold. If it rains, avoid rain and water.

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