Recommended for summer

The folks say that small summer heat is not hot, and the summer heat is three days. The summer season (July 23 of this year) is hot, and the heat and dampness are easy to invade. The elderly, children, and the physically weak can easily lose their heart qi and appear. Heat stroke symptoms. It is recommended to drink some two-fragrant teas during the summer, namely fragrant tea and fragrant tea.

That is, 10 grams of citron, 10 grams of lotus leaves (or 30 grams of fresh lotus leaves), 10 grams of tangerine peel, and 5 grams of mint. First cook the three flavors of citron, lotus leaf and tangerine peel for 30 minutes, then add mint for 5 minutes. When taking it, you can add an appropriate amount of sugar to taste and substitute for tea.

Huoxiang is also a good companion for summer heat. You can use 10g each of Huoxiang leaves and Pelan leaves, 30g each of talc and fried malt, 3g of licorice, and decoction for tea, which can help the body clear the hot and humid heat of the summer.

Dr. Zhaoqing Zhao introduced that orange peel tea is also a good product for summer health, because orange peel is also a strong traditional Chinese medicine. You can buy prepared orange peels in pharmacies. Take 10 grams of orange peels each time and a moderate amount of rock sugar. Soak the offspring with boiling water.

This This peel peel tea has the effects of regulating qi and appetizing, drying dampness and reducing phlegm, and is suitable for drinking on summer days when the stomach is flat, the digestion is not good, or when you have no appetite after eating.

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