It’s hot and extremely sweet on a hot summer day

July 23 is the hot summer, and it is also the hottest solar term of the year. Professor Chi Xiaoling, the heir to the famous veteran of traditional Chinese medicine and the director of the Department of Liver Diseases of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine , pointed out that the summer heat and poison were steamed, and the diet should be salted and sweetened.

In terms of diet and nutrition, it is recommended to eat warm and soft foods, avoid excessive cold drinks, and also eat frozen melon and sweet foods. You can eat more mung beans, lilies, cucumbers, bean sprouts, duck meat, mushrooms, seaweed, watermelon, tomato, red beans, barley, pumpkin and other foods to clear away heat and dampness, and refreshing Qi.

In terms of life maintenance, we should avoid working for a long time at high temperature and exercise less. We can avoid the hot sun when going out; those who work at high temperature should properly add water and drink heat-proof food such as watermelon juice and winter melon tea.

Diet conditioning: Eat more foods that have spleen and heat relief, heat-clearing Shengjin, such as mung beans, white grass root, bamboo cane, kapok, honeysuckle, pork, ginseng, Huaishan and so on.

Medicated diet can choose gypsum wet porridge: 120 grams of gypsum, 6 grams of peel, 15 grams of almonds, 30 grams of barley kernels, 50 grams of corn, moderate sugar. Break the plaster and wash the corn and barley. Put raw gypsum, tan peel and almond into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, boil on high heat, and cook for about 15 minutes on low heat, remove the residue and juice, add the washed corn and barley kernels to the medicinal sauce , and add an appropriate amount of water, Cook until the corn and barley are cooked, add the right amount of rock sugar when it is ripe. It has the effect of clearing heat and strengthening the spleen and reducing heat.

Medicated diet can choose purslane mung bean soup: purslane 250 g, mung beans 100 g, pig lean meat 250 g. The purslane is rooted, the old stems are removed, washed and cut into sections. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot. After washing the mung beans, put them in the pot and cook for about 15 minutes. Then, cook the lean pork and purslane for about 1-2 hours. Cook until the pork is soft and cooked. Add sesame oil, refined salt, MSG is seasoned. It has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness, eliminating heat and detoxifying.

Medicinal diet can choose rose porridge powder porridge: 5 grams of roses, 30 grams of powdered flour, 15 grams of rock sugar. Wash the roses, put them in a casserole, cook for 15 minutes, remove the residue and extract the juice , use the boiling juice to mix the flour, add rock sugar, and stir to serve. Can relieve liver and stagnation, regulate qi and nourish yin.

The Chinese medicinal diet can choose coix seed red bean soup: coix seed 30 g, red bean 30 g, jujube 6 and sugar 10 g. Wash the coix seed, red adzuki bean, and jujube separately, add to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer slowly for 1 hour on low heat. After the coix seed and red adzuki bean are cooked, add sugar to serve. It has the effects of dampening dampness, clearing heat and reducing heat.

Physical characteristics: yellow skin, round face, large head, thick shoulders and backs, large abdomen, thighs to tibia are born strong, hands and feet are not large, muscles are plump.

Diet and nutrition: Avoid eating too many cold, fatty foods. It is better to eat foods that have spleen, dampness, and heat-relief effects, such as mung beans, lilies, cucumbers, bean sprouts, duck meat, laver, watermelon, tomatoes, red beans., Barley, etc.

Medicinal diet can choose Babao rice with lotus leaf medicinal sauce: 50 grams of coix seed, 15 grams of lotus seeds, 250 grams of japonica rice, 3 slices of fresh lotus leaf, 30 grams of lentils, 10 grams of white cardamom, 20 grams of almonds, 1 carrot, white sugar and shallot Each amount.

Wash the coix kernels, lotus seeds, lentils, white cardamom, and almonds with water and set aside. Wash and shred carrots. Then put the cleaned rice into a casserole and cook until it is seven ripe, remove it into the pot, mix with sugar, and mix well. Put the above medicine on lotus leaf, then spread the rice on the medicine, wrap it with lotus leaf, steam it in the upper basket, take it out and buckle it into the pot, and sprinkle with shredded carrot and shallot. Have spleen and dampness.

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