Exercise and Meridian Health

The core of exercise health and meridian health is to maintain the smooth and smooth movement of the qi, blood and body fluids in the meridians, spleens, and kidneys of the kidneys, spleen, and lungs, and to maintain the relative balance of yin and yang, qi, blood, body fluids, and ingress and egress of the kidney, spleen, and lungs. The function of Liu Liu is strong. The specific method is as follows:

First, three days before and after the Great Cold. The best time is 酉 hours (17 to 19 o clock). Use warm water to bathe the feet for 6 to 12 minutes. Then use your thumb or index finger to press Yongquan ( the original point of the kidney meridian), Taibai (the original point of the spleen meridian) Acupoints), Taiyuan acupoints (original acupoints of the lung meridian) 36 times each, regulating the balance of yin and yang, qi and blood of the three meridians of the kidney, spleen and lung.

Second, three days before and after the Great Cold. Rubbing your hands, Wen Yiming door, Guan Yuan point. The best time is: 酉 to Haishi (17 to 23 o clock), Wen Ye Dumai Mingmen acupoint, Wen Yuan a body ; Wen Shi (5 to 7 o clock) Wen Ye Renmai Guan Yuan acupoint, Wen Bu Yi Yuanyin, increase The power of life.

Third, during the period from Great Cold to Early Spring. The best time of morning and evening: Yin to Yanshi (5 to 7 o clock) and Hai (21 to 23 o clock), with both hands on the side of the arm, bend the left leg with the left foot under the hip (right leg still straight). After a short pause, stretch your left leg and flex your right leg. Alternate left and right 3 to 5 times in this way, then dentition, gargle, pharynx, and deep breathing 2 to 3 times each. It can prevent stagnation of meridians, pain in the base of the tongue, inability to shake or stiffen the body, swollen femora and knees, pain in the back of the arms and lower legs, bloating and bowel diarrhea, indigestion, ascites, and foot swelling.

The original text of Zun Sheng Ba Jian reads as follows: Yunzhe Juyin Chuqi. When the foot is too spleen and spleen and wet soil. Sitting work: When the child is ugly every day, with both hands backwards, kneel according to the bed, with one foot extended, one foot forced, left and right. Thirty-five degrees, cavities, cough, throat, and vomiting. Treatment: meridian accumulation of qi, strong tongue pain, body can not shake, or can not lie , stand strong, femoral knee swelling, yin and yin need national foot back pain, bowel Ming, diarrhea will not change, will not be accepted, nine tricks will not work, swollen feet, if the water is full.

This method is named after the Great Cold, which is precisely the qigong exercise method formulated based on this seasonal feature, which is suitable for exercising during the Great Cold Season. It can be started during the great cold season until the beginning of spring . Su asked. The Great Change of Qi : The water is too old, the cold is prevalent, and the evil is heart-warming. The people are sick, hot, upset, and cold, the genitals are cold, the delirium is painful, the cold is early, the upper star is up, and even the belly is big. Tibia swollen, coughing, dying from bed sweat … sickness, abdomen, stomachache, thirst and thirst … Although its theory is aimed at the age of water transport, but in terms of seasons Winter is cold, and the cold air is too strong. The cold can hurt people as kidney lesions and spleen lesions that are too much water, and heart disease that is too hot and humid, the diseases listed in this exercise method belong to This type of exercise has ab etter prevention and treatment effect.

Specific method: from 11 to 3 o clock each night, support your body with your hands from behind and kneel on the bed, then straighten one leg forward, support the body with the other leg upwards, and rotate left and right legs three to five times each. Then the teeth throbbed thirty-six times, adjusted the rate and vomited, and the fluid swallowed Dantian nine times. Can cure: meridian accumulation of qi, strong tongue root, body can not shake, acupuncture pain is difficult to sleep , hydrostasis in the knee, scrotum, foot and back pain, bowel sounds, dyspepsia, light head, lightness, incompatibility, Swelling of the feet, if the water is full, and other symptoms.

Adapt to the condition: sit on a chair with your feet apart and shoulder width, your thighs and calves at a 90-degree angle, your trunk straight, your whole body relaxed, and your lower body inwardly retracted. Sit down with your head slightly lowered and your neck relaxed. Use your fingers to knead the new acupoints on both sides of the neck. Press and knead 108 times. Press once a day, morning and evening. The new acupuncture point is located on the neck, the outer edge of the trapezius muscle at the tip of the transverse process of the fourth cervical vertebra, and the trailing point is five inches.

Specific method: stand naturally, with your feet apart and shoulder width, your arms hang down naturally, palms facing inward, middle fingertips close to Fengshi acupoints, lifted, tongue against palate, lifted anus, and clear the mind. Relax your whole body, and contemplate the Quchi acupoint at the depression at the outer end of the horizontal stripes of the two elbows. You can clear the large intestine meridian of the hand, and you can practice every day for more than 20 minutes.

Specific method: stand naturally, with your feet apart and shoulder width, your arms hang down naturally, palms facing inward, middle fingertips close to Fengshi acupoints, lifted, tongue against palate, lifted anus, and clear the mind. Relax your whole body, lift your palms side to side, draw an arc to your chest, and close your palms as your chest. The legs are slightly flexed, both legs stare at the middle fingers of the two palms. After standing for 10 minutes, the two palms are separated. The two labor palaces align the mid-air abdominal acupuncture points, about 10 cm from the abdomen. Times. The position of Qizhong points is located at the midline of the middle abdomen, five inches below the belly button, and one inch and five points left and right, and two points left and right.

I was sitting and lying unconsciously, and my tongue stirred Huachi to the upper part. When I was waiting for my life, I swallowed and made a sound. With the inhalation of clear air, with the eyesight, Tongjin was sent to Dantian under the umbilicus. Then gently lower the lower part like a patience, with the eyesight, lift the tail tail, the upper ridge puns, through the jade pillow, people mud pills, said one call. Repeatedly, the spirit is strong for a long time, and no illness is born.

This is the simplest and most effective method. Its characteristics are that it can be cultivated at any time and any place, and the effect is extremely fast. The specific method is: lift the anus as soon as you inhale, return the mind to Dantian every time you exhale, swallow saliva when you mention the anus, and always keep your mind on Dantian to keep your kidneys full. Regardless of sitting or lying, the tongue agitates in the mouth and then resists the palate. When the saliva in the mouth is full, it will be swallowed with saliva and swallowed. There should be a sound when swallowed. Then take a breath of fresh air with your nose, and send saliva to the Dantian acupoint under the umbilicus with your mind and your eyes. Let your breath be closed for a while. This is called a breath. Then lift the anus like a bowel movement, use your mind and eyes to luck from the tail hole, go to the Jiaji point, and then pass through the Yuzhen point into the mud pill point. This is called a call. Repeated exercise from time to time can make a person full of energy and never get sick.

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