The winter diet is less salty and more bitter

According to the customs of our country, especially in rural areas, every winter, people start to get rid of old cloths and prepare for New Year s products. At this time, people s physical and mental state should also be adjusted in the following four aspects with changes in solar terms.

In terms of spirit, we must master the key to warm the body first to warm the heart, warm the heart to the body temperature. That is to say, the spirit is strong, the air is smooth, the blood is smooth , and the limbs of the whole body can be warmed before it can with stand the invasion of the severe winter. Therefore, in the winter season, you can maintain a comfortable mood through appropriate activities and entertainment, so that the qi and blood in the body are smooth, and the righteousness is in the inside, and the evil cannot be done.

In terms of living, in winter, it is necessary to comply with the characteristics of winter hiding, so that you can go to bed early and get up late. Going to bed early is to nourish the body s yang, and getting up late is to nourish the yin. In winter, in addition to protecting against cold, wind must be protected. As the saying goes, Cold starts from the feet, and cold starts from the legs. A person s legs and feet become cold , and his whole body is cold. Therefore, washing your feet with hot water before going to bed can make blood vessels dilate, accelerate blood flow, improve skin and tissue nutrition on the feet, reduce muscle tension, and improve sleep quality, especially those who like to read and write at night and sit long into the night. People should soak their feet with hot water before going to bed.

Sports In terms of sports, winter sports can be used for jogging, tai chi, basketball and other sports, but all should be appropriate and moderate, and outdoor activities should not be too early, it is better to wait after sunrise.

In terms of diet, the winter solar terms should follow the dietary principles of Yin and Qianyang. Diet should reduce saltiness and increase bitterness, in order to nourish the heart qi, strengthen the kidney qi, avoid sticky and cold food; it should be hot , but hot food should not be overdone; the taste of food can be thicker, but a certain amount of lipids Keep a certain amount of heat. In addition, should eat more yellow-green vegetables, such as carrots, rape, spinach and so on.

Once Once winter is over, a new year is coming and new solar terms will start again and again. The majority of readers can have a healthy year as long as they master the correct health method corresponding to the solar terms.

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