Identify your acne from a Chinese medicine perspective

Acne on the left cheek: liver function is not smooth and there is fever. Pay attention to normal work and rest, keep your mood happy, and blow cold air, don t let your body be in a sultry environment.

Acne around the lips: Constipation can cause toxin buildup in the body, or use toothpaste with excessive fluoride. Eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits and adjust your eating habits.

Temples: Small acne near the temples shows that your diet contains too much processed food, which causes the gallbladder to be blocked, and you need to quickly clean your body.

A. Acne on the forehead (above the eyebrows and below the hairline) -this is the MM with acne in this part. I have eaten too many high-calorie things in recent times. At this time, drinking herbal tea and mung bean soup is very effective. It is better to eat more vegetables and less meat. It will be good after a while.

If you have acne on your forehead all year round, it means that you have a strong heart and blood circulation problems. It may be overworked and upset. If you pay attention to it, you will find that these people have a bad temper. Get into the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water. Do not leave thick bangs on the forehead to cover them, as this will prevent the skin on the forehead from breathing normally and make the acne worse. If you do not wash your hair often, the dirty things on the sea will touch the forehead. Also easily cause acne.

B. Acne between the eyebrows—The MM with acne in this area will be very serious during this time. In today s world, the burden is a bit heavier, but we must learn to regulate ourselves. Don t think that others don t know, they will write on their faces. For this type of MM, I can only persuade you to relax. Heart disease requires heart medicine, and supplemented with food supplements. Eat more rock sugar Tremella stew lily, clear and sweet, both addictive and beautiful. Not happy.

If the eyebrow area has acne, it is a problem of the posterior cervical spine. Nowadays, people have a lot of stress. Sitting at the desk with a stiff neck all day, of course, the posterior cervical spine is prone to problems!

First of all, detoxification, but I advise you MM, do not blindly eat detox capsules, some drugs will detoxify the water at the same time, while detoxification does not support the solid element, the skin will soon become dry and inelastic! It is still safe and effective to use food supplements. Boil Sandou Tang and drink it. This is my beauty recipe. Use four types of mung bean, red bean, black bean and licorice, the ratio is 1: 1: 1: 0.33, then add sugar according to your taste, and boil it like boiled mung bean soup. This recipe refreshes the heat and detoxifies (green beans) while replenishing blood and nourishing the elements (red adzuki beans, black beans), plus licorice and Baiwei, neutralizing the three medicinal properties, and more…. taste good!

If the acne grows on the left cheek, it indicates that your liver function may not be smooth enough. For example, the liver s secretion, detoxification, or hematopoietic functions are out of order. Some liver detoxification needs to be adjusted. It is also very important to maintain a happy mood.

On the right cheek may be lung dysfunction. Many people with colds are prone to acne on the right cheek, so pay special attention to the maintenance of the respiratory tract. In addition, allergic foods should be avoided as much as possible, including mango, taro, eggplant, seafood, etc.

If the acne grows near the lower cheek near the ear, it is a problem of the reproductive system. Generally, this part is most prone to acne before menstruation, and the acne will disappear naturally after menstruation, so pay special attention to the body during the physiological period. The overall adjustment, maintenance of normal work and rest, adequate sleep and a balanced diet are all important.

D. Acne in humans–Is there any cryptic MM in this part of acne recently? There is a little problem in gynecology…. Just go to the hospital to find a doctor to solve it. Don t think about finding pharmacies based on your own guess. The hospital has special laboratory equipment and professional gynecologists, which can help you solve the problem soon.

Pox on the chin indicates impaired kidney function or endocrine system disorders. It may also be a problem with the large intestine, which means that if you are constipated, your chin is prone to acne.

(1) The long white head that breaks when you squeeze it out-don t touch herbal tea at this time! This acne grows in this part not because of the heat, but because of weakness, and the coldness of herbal tea will worsen your qi and blood deficiency. To make up for it! But it can t be hot, warm is the best. At this time, I use American ginseng tablets to soak water or directly gargle, the effect is obvious! American ginseng tablets are sold in pharmacies.

(2) Red and big acne are growing-if your chin often has this type of acne, and it always keeps quiet one after another, I suggest you go to the hospital, this is because of males Caused by strong hormone secretion.

The most common cause is acne on the nose. This means that your appetite has not been good recently. It may be that your stomach is flaming, your digestive system is abnormal, and your spleen, or gastrointestinal function, is affected. If you want the acne on your nose to disappear quickly, don t eat too greasy to keep your stomach fresh and refreshed.

In addition, people with constipation or flatulence are also prone to acne near the nose, but if the acne grows on both sides of the nose and the sides are often oily, it may also be oily skin Too much oil has blocked the acne.

Also, the nose is also a common occurrence of blackheads. Generally speaking, after removing the blackheads on the nose, they will grow back in about a week or so, and blackheads cannot be eradicated. If the blackheads on your nose come out three or four days after the removal, it means that your stomach is still a problem.

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