Cupping in winter, these 8 things need attention

Cupping is a very common method of health care. Cupping is often selected when exposed to cold and wind. Although cupping is simple, there are some cupping matters that you should pay attention to when cupping. Let s take a look at some of the precautions together!

1. For first-time patients and frail, elderly, children, and patients who are prone to accidental reactions, small cans should be selected, and the facial expressions and colors of patients should be observed at any time in order to detect and deal with accidents in a timely manner. Patients who are fatigued, stressed, or under the influence of alcohol are better not to cup.

2. Cupping sites and acupuncture points are generally rich in muscle, subcutaneous tissue and less hair. It is not advisable to cup in situ until the spot on the previous cupping site has subsided.

3. The used jar must be soaked with peroxyacetic acid solution for about 2 hours, and then washed with water. Carefully inspect the jar before use. Those that do not meet the requirements and are damaged cannot be used.

5. If possible, choose a posture that you think is comfortable, such as supine position, prone position, etc. If you want to change your posture during cupping, you can let others stabilize the jar and slowly change your posture.

7. Cupping time should be long for severe disease, deep lesion and painful disease; cupping time should be short for disease with mild disease and shallow lesion. The cupping area is rich in muscle, such as the hips and thighs, and the cupping time may be slightly longer. The cupping area is thin, such as the head, chest, and back. The cupping time should be short. The climate is cold, and the cupping time is appropriately extended; when it is hot, it is relatively shortened .

8. If the patient has dizziness, palpitation, nausea, vomiting and other jarring phenomena during cupping, do not panic, unbutton the patient s shirt, drink hot water (with some sugar), and keep warm. If the symptoms are still not relieved after the above treatment, the can should be lifted immediately and the patient should lie down on the pillow. If fainting or hypotension occurs, the pillow should be placed under your feet to make your head low and your feet high. At the same time , press the edge of the nail to the patient s middle or Shixuan point, or press your fingertips to Hegu, Neiguan, Zusanli and other points.

Dont pull it down hard when you lift the can. Hold the can with press the skin next to it to let the air in slowly. The can naturally comes down. The purple spots on the skin usually disappear after two weeks.

First of all, the retention time should be determined according to the condition and location. Generally, the tank is left for 10-15 minutes. The large tank has strong suction and extraction force, and the time can be appropriately shortened, otherwise foaming may occur. If the foaming is relatively small, it does not need special treatment and will usually subside on its own. It is best to go to the hospital when the foaming is large, first disinfect it locally, then pierce it with a disinfection needle, and apply sterile gauze.

Secondly, choose a suitable tank according to the area of ​​the extracted part, such as a wide and muscular back and thighs. You can use a medium tank or a large tank, but the calves, arms, and neck and shoulders are more suitable for small tanks.

In addition to the above, please pay attention to prevent fire and burn skin when cupping at home. In addition, when choosing a cupping device, be sure to check whether the mouth of the tank is smooth and not damaged to prevent cutting the skin.

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