7 tips for computer families to protect their eyes

Modern life has brought us a lot of convenience, and it has also brought health risks. For example, in the face of computers, mobile phones and other electronic products, our eyes are beginning to have various problems, myopia, eye fatigue, eye pain , etc. While using these high-tech, how can we protect our eyes?

The location of the computer is very important, because improper distance will increase eye fatigue. There is no glare in the range of 50 cm to 70 cm around the eyes, which is the most suitable position.

The display is not bright enough, the flicker of the screen can cause eye fatigue and headache. The bright picture will shrink your pupils and increase the focus range, which will make the eyes better adapt to the environment and work more comfortably.

Let Rest your eyes every 15 minutes, look into the distance, and take a few deep breaths to relax your eye muscles. And often sitting in front of the computer, the tight muscles of the eyes will also affect the tension of the shoulder and neck muscles, so occasionally massage the shoulders and neck.

When working intently at the computer, people will unconsciously reduce the number of blinks, you can consciously blink every 10-15 seconds. This allows oxygen and nutrients to nourish your cornea, and tears can improve your vision.

Study A study from Harvard University shows that blue light at night can inhibit the secretion of melatonin and adversely affect health. Melatonin levels are related to the incidence of diabetes, obesity, and cancer, so you should try to turn off your computer at night or wear anti-blue light glasses to block out harmful blue light.

The most common natural remedies are to enjoy the flowers in the garden, or to place green potted plants in the office. Take a look when you are tired. This method can largely relieve eye fatigue caused by prolonged use of a computer.

Eyes The energy requirements of the eyes in the human body are great, so ensuring sufficient vitamins and minerals is great for the eyes. The antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E, B and zinc all help to relieve eye fatigue.

The eyes are fine and powerful organs. Once something goes wrong, it is troublesome to treat, and prevention is the most important thing. Computer and mobile phone families must pay more attention to eye health.

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