What to eat in Daxue solar diet

  The arrival of heavy snow and solar terms marks the official start of the autumn and winter seasons. This is the season when the sun is weak, and the human body is affected by the cold temperature, and its physiological functions and appetite will change. Therefore , it is necessary to properly adjust the daily diet to ensure that the body has sufficient calcium sources to make the winter warm.

  Experts said that calcium is the main component of bones and is known as the life metal of the human body. Decreasing the duration of sunlight in winter will affect the formation of vitamin D, the amount of urine in the cold body will increase, and the amount of inorganic salts discharged with the urine will also increase. The human body is often prone to lack of potassium, calcium, sodium, iron and other elements, especially the elderly. Therefore, calcium should be given in time.

  Readers Many readers think that it is a natural thing to cut off the radish radish from the big carrots bought, but Chinese doctors remind readers friends that radish radish is the vegetable with the highest calcium content, which is very suitable for people lacking calcium. Take the so-called soy supplement as an example. The calcium content per 100 grams of soybeans is about 191 mg, but the calcium content per 100 grams of carrot tincture is 350 mg. The calcium content is almost one of that of soybeans. Times. In the table of nutrient elements for food, 350 mg of calcium per 100 grams of red (hu) radish tincture is ranked first in the calcium content of all vegetables. Small radish tincture contains 238 mg calcium and green radish tincture contains 110 mg of calcium Ranked high on the calcium-containing list.

  Radish like many vegetables, vitamins are easy to lose, it is best to simmer it and eat it cold. One serving of cold radish can fully meet the daily vitamin A and K needs of the human body, as well as 55% of vitamin C and 27% of folic acid, and 10% of calcium and manganese.

  The air is particularly dry during the heavy snowfall. The cold wind caused many readers and friends to begin to have dry skin. After many office workers arrived in the unit, they were closed in the air-conditioning room with heating, and the moisture in the skin was corresponding. Lose faster. Many readers know that Chinese cabbage is a very nutritious supplement. Experts remind that eating Chinese cabbage in winter has the effect of skin care and beauty. This is mainly because Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, which can have good skin care and beauty effects. Chinese cabbage is rich in crude fiber, which can not only play a role in intestines, promote detoxification, but also stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote stool excretion, and help digestion.

  Specially remind readers and friends, Chinese cabbage should be cut upright, because this cut is better for preserving moisture, reducing the loss of water in the dish, and reducing the loss of water-soluble nutrients. Secondly, the cabbage is easy to be cooked in this way, and the loss of vitamins is reduced. Thirdly, the Chinese cabbage can be used to retain more crude fiber, which is more conducive to stimulating intestinal peristalsis and increasing the effect of detoxification, skin care and beauty.

  Traditional Chinese medicine health theory believes that before and after the heavy snow, the weather is cold and the yang is hidden. If you do not pay attention to warmth, the cold invasion is susceptible to illness. Therefore, winter should pay attention to the maintenance of yang.

  Therapeutic experts said that before and after the heavy snow is a high frequency of cold and cold. The main symptom of cold and cold is fear of cold and wind. Usually you need to wear a lot of clothes or cover a quilt to feel comfortable. The runny nose is clear, white or slightly yellow; if the nasal congestion does not runny, drink hot water and start to runny. This is also a cold. Although the cause of the cold cold is infected with the evil of wind cold, the decrease of human body resistance is the insufficiency of righteousness that is often said by Chinese medicine, and the yang is suppressed. It is difficult to counterbalance the evil of cold and cold. Therefore, when the weather is cold, it is appropriate to eat food that is beneficial to the qi and the sun, which can help prevent colds and colds.

  Although the green part of the green onion is much more nutritious than the white part of the green onion, from the perspective of Tongyang and diet, the effect of the onion is greater. The main ingredient is light white. Welsh onion has a spicy flavor and is slightly warm. It has the effects of tonifying the sun, detoxifying and flavoring. In addition to preventing colds and colds, it also has a certain therapeutic effect on symptoms such as cold and abdominal pain, aversion to cold, fever, headache, nasal congestion, and unreasonable milk. It should be reminded that the general population can eat green onions, but people with gastrointestinal diseases, especially ulcers, should not eat more.

  It can be seen from this that winter health must be carried out according to physical needs. The cold weather in winter, the body is affected by the cold, should eat more foods that are beneficial to the body, such as Chinese cabbage, green onions and other common things in life, as long as we use it reasonably, we will achieve good therapeutic effects.

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