Meditate to eliminate stress and annoyance

Every year, nearly 10,000 people with various diseases see a doctor. In addition to giving medicines to patients, doctors often teach them how to meditate cross-legged to eliminate mental stress and annoyance. In many places, there is a trend of young women doing the nuns of the day trend. Many young women go to temples to meditate cross-legged, fast and clear their minds, and the stress and worries of work are gone.

When sitting cross-legged, your legs were bent and crossed, and the left ankle joint was placed on the right knee joint, leaning forward to maintain this position. If you can t persist for 10 minutes, it means that your legs, ankles , and hips are not flexible enough, and you usually lack flexibility exercises.

How to exercise physical flexibility? The following two simple exercises only take about 5 minutes each time, stretching the waist, hips and legs can greatly improve the flexibility of the body and easily complete cross-legged sitting.

Sit on a mat or bed with your legs straight together, leaning forward as much as possible, touching your calf s tibia with both hands. When you feel the back of your thigh is tightened, hold it for 15 ~ 30 seconds, rest for half a minute, then make a group. In order to increase the fun and test your progress, you can move your hands forward as much as possible until each exercise until your hands are above the soles of your feet and your chest is close to your knees.

Kneel on the mat, knees close together, ankle stretched back, so that both feet are on the mat. Then back up with both hands, lean back as much as possible, and hold for 15-30 seconds when you feel the front of the thigh is tightened. Take a half minute break and make another group. As the flexibility of the upper and lower legs increases, you will be able to lay your upper body on the cushion.

After practicing for a while, your flexibility will be greatly improved. Generally, a fitness person can start with a single plate (one leg is attached to the ground and the other leg is placed on it), and then sit slowly with both legs crossed , that is, both feet are placed on the thighs of the opposite leg, and the upper body is kept Straight, cross your hands on Dantian, or place your palms upwards, and place them lightly on your knees (this is called a large plate , also called double disks, with the five hearts upward, that is, the hearts of both feet upward, the two palms upward, and the human heart upward). Just sit for 20 ~ 30 minutes.

Do not underestimate this simple movement. In addition to improving the flexibility of the body and reducing the chance of sports injury, regular exercises can also exercise the strength of the legs and waist, which helps the large circulation of blood throughout the body and improves memory .

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