It’s not as good as a combination to lose weight by simply burying a thread

Today, when talking about weight loss, everyone loves to find acupuncture to lose weight. Ms. Liu, a beauty lover, said: You can lose weight by running a few times a week. You don t need to control your diet deliberately , it is much easier than doing exercise! The popular fried-line weight-loss method of fried chicken is also popular among fans. However, doctors have suggested that simply relying on the buried thread method may not achieve the best weight loss results. The combination of multiple acupuncture methods is effective.

Associate Professor Pan Wenyu, Department of Acupuncture, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, said that for more effective acupuncture to lose weight, acupuncture methods such as milli-needle, ear acupuncture, thread embedding, buried needle, acupoint injection, and acupoint bloodletting must be flexibly combined. It is necessary to cooperate with cupping to remove moisture from the body and clear the meridians.

Pan Wenyu said that each time you use 2-3 methods comprehensively, you need to pay attention to complementary effects, and make up for the shortcomings of a single method, which is not easy to master. Some non-professionals are more inclined to puncture the patient as much as possible. Some people even suggested that more than 100 punctures should be applied to the whole body of the patient at one time. Associate Professor Pan Wenyu believes that this form of enveloping is not necessarily good, not only uncomfortable, but also some acupuncture points. Stimulating it does not necessarily have a positive effect.

Acupuncture method: the most classical method, any other method must first pierce the needle each time: 30 minutes each time: 6 hours limitation: not suitable for people who are afraid of needles, because it needs to be performed daily or every other day, it takes more time.

Acupuncture method: a coordinated treatment method, find corresponding acupoints and sensitive points on the ear, use magnetic beads or Wang Buliu seeds to take ear pressure, the patient presses this part before meals every day, when hungry, can reduce hunger.

Acupuncture method: Use a 7-gauge injection needle to penetrate the protein line, and use it with a 28-gauge acupuncture needle. The 1.5-cm protein line is implanted into the acupuncture point to repeatedly stimulate the acupoint. It is absorbed by the human body, and the acupuncture point can be buried 2-3 times in January, and the local weight loss effect is significant.

Needle Each injection time: 15-20 minutes / 10-14 lines Each time of action: 72 hours Limitation: Not applicable to people who are sensitive to alloproteins, and have higher technical requirements for the needle application doctor

Acupuncture method: Use acupuncture needles to be embedded in the corresponding acupuncture points like a thumbtack, and continue to stimulate the acupuncture points, need 1-2 times a week. Needle injection time: about 10 minutes. Each time: 48 hours. Exercise and contact with water, some people are prone to allergies to the adhesive tape attached to the needle, and often feel uncomfortable when sweating for a long time.

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