Deep winter nourishing kidney the most important black food strong kidney heart

The great cold is here. This is the last solar term of the year. The weather is cold, and the cold first hits the kidneys. Great cold and kidney are vital. What to eat kidney? What are the food for kidney? I recommend 5 kinds of black food for kidney.

The cold is a dry and dry climate with frequent diseases, and the cold is the most likely to hurt the kidney s yang. At this time, if you can do good kidney maintenance work, you can effectively prevent cold and keep fit. Therefore , it is very important for the body s metabolism to do a good job of nourishing kidney and nourishing kidney. Great cold is the best time to protect the kidneys. It can not only enhance the body s ability to resist the cold, but also improve the body s immunity and resistance to disease. Protect the sun and the kidneys. anti aging.

Black sesame is the outstanding of kidney tonic. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to the human body. Its vitamin E content is the highest in plant foods. It can remove free radicals in the body and has significant antioxidant effects . White hair has a role.

Black fungus is common in Chinese dining tables, and its health effect is deeply rooted in people s hearts. Studies have shown that black fungus colloids have strong adsorption power and can clean the stomach and intestines. In addition, black fungus also contains nucleic acids and lecithin, which has bodybuilding, beauty and anti-aging effects.

The black jujube is also very rich in nutrients, including protein, sugars, organic acids, vitamins and phosphorus, calcium, iron and other nutrients. Chinese medicine believes that black jujube is warm and sweet, and has kidney and stomach effect.

Black rice has the effects of strengthening the spleen, warming the liver, nourishing blood and nourishing qi. Its vitamin B1 and iron content is 7 times that of ordinary rice. Consuming it in winter is very helpful for supplementing trace elements in the human body. It should be noted that when using it to cook Babao porridge, do not put sugar.

Black beans have the effects of warming the stomach, promoting eyesight, promoting blood circulation, and promoting hydrolysis and poisoning. It also moisturizes skin and black hair. Rich in high-quality protein, vitamins B and vitamin E, also contains riboflavin and melanin. It is helpful for anti-aging, anti-aging, enhancing vitality and beauty.

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