Beware of obesity and vaginal problems

It should be said that the occurrence of vaginitis is directly related to inattention to local health, and there does not seem to be a direct causal relationship with obesity. However, many vaginitis patients are fatter in clinic. What is the reason for this? Before explaining this phenomenon, we must first introduce the self-purifying effect of the vagina.

The vaginal epithelium can proliferate under the action of estrogen. Cells contain glycogen and are broken down into lactic acid by vaginal bacteria to maintain the normal weak acidic environment in the vagina, and suppress pathogens that can reproduce in alkaline environments.. If you lose this normal weak acid environment, it will easily lead to the occurrence of vaginitis.

It is easy for women to get diabetes in menopause, and the relationship between diabetes and obesity is closer. Statistics show that in obese people, the incidence of diabetes is four times that of non-obese people, and as the degree of obesity increases, the prevalence of diabetes has increased. Women with diabetes are more likely to develop mycotic vaginitis. This is because the amount of glycogen in the vaginal epithelial cells of diabetic patients exceeds normal levels, which increases the acidity of the vagina, promotes candida reproduction, and induces mycotic vaginitis, causing leucorrhea Increased symptoms such as itching of the vulva.

In addition, menopausal women have low immune function and are susceptible to diseases. If they use broad-spectrum antibiotics for a long time after they are ill, they will change the mutual inhibition relationship between vaginal microorganisms and easily induce the occurrence of mold vaginitis.

It can be seen that there is a certain relationship between obesity and vaginitis in women after middle age. Therefore, middle-aged women should control food intake and strengthen exercise. In this way, it can not only play a role in weight loss, prevent diabetes, but also reduce the occurrence of vaginitis.

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