Simple obesity and pathological obesity

Because you didn t pay attention to weight loss when you were a child, the body produced too many fat cells. The fat cells will not increase in adults but will only increase. It can be said that you have laid the foundation for obesity since childhood.

I eat too much and don t consume it. That is, the calories obtained from food exceed the calories consumed, and the excess calories are converted into fat, which accumulates in fat cells and forms obesity.

Reduced metabolism. When people reach middle age, they are prone to gain weight due to a decrease in their metabolic rate; if they have uneven nutrition, eating only meat and junk food (non-nutritive foods) and not eating fruits and vegetables will also reduce their metabolic rate and become fat.

Kexing syndrome Cause: Hyperadrenal function, excessive cortisol secretion Phenomenon: Face, neck and body are enlarged, but limbs are not much fat.

Reduced sexual function Cause: Cerebral obesity, accompanied by loss of sexual function, or decreased sexual desire. Phenomenon: The breast, lower abdomen, and obesity near the genitals.

Pituitary: Cause: Pituitary lesions cause excessive growth hormone secretion in the anterior pituitary gland: whole body bones, soft tissue, visceral tissue hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

Drug-derived cause: side effects caused by drugs, such as by adrenal corticosteroids. Phenomenon: Obesity that appears after taking medicine for a period of time, such as some patients with allergic diseases, rheumatism, asthma.

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