Jujube and yam are best for spring

Qingming Festival, spring is also really coming, but this spring seems to be a bit late. Although the temperature has risen, it is still warm and cold. Many friends are concerned about what we eat during this period, what can be avoided and adjusted Discomfort during this period?

Eat three dates a day, not showing age for life can be seen in the benefits of jujube to the human body, jujube is also known as natural vitamin pills. This is because the content of vitamins in jujube is the highest among all fruits, and it generally contains 2-12 times more phosphorus, calcium and iron than fruits. In addition, jujube can be used to calm the spleen and stomach, give birth to blood, and promote vitality. Regular consumption can make our complexion look more rosy, energetic, and powerful. It can also regulate spleen and stomach discomfort, soothe the nerves, protect the liver, and naturally lighten the body. Years, you can t be overstated if you are not old for life. Some experts have also conducted comparative tests on hundreds of frail patients, and found that those who insist on eating dates to treat them will recover more than three times faster than simply taking vitamins. The way to keep in good health in spring is to increase sweetness and reduce acidity . Ju jube is the first choice for sweet foods. Because of its flat nature and mildness, it also removes the concerns that spring is easy to get angry.

In addition to jujube, yam is also a very good choice. It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi. It can supplement qi and yin, replenish qi without stagnation and get angry, and replenish yin without helping wet and tired. Peacefulness . Regular consumption can also improve the body s immunity, enhance the phagocytosis of macrophages, eliminate invading bacteria and viruses in time, and allow infectious diseases such as influenza to detour . Therefore, patients with qi deficiency who are prone to sweating frequently and who have repeated colds are very suitable for increasing yam intake in spring.

For obese people, yam is still a good weight loss food. This is because yam not only has a very low fat content, but also contains a large amount of cellulose and a variety of vitamins and minerals. It can be used to produce satiety after consumption. As an occasional alternative to staple food, it helps reduce calories, control appetite, and nutrients. Sufficient content. At the same time, the fresh tubers of yam also contains rich mucin proteins. This substance has special health effects on the human body . It can prevent the fat deposition of the cardiovascular system, maintain vascular elasticity, prevent atherosclerosis, and reduce subcutaneous fat deposition. In addition, the spring climate is dry, and the mucus protein contained in yam helps to keep the digestive and respiratory tracts lubricated .

There are many ways to eat yam and jujube. Yam can be used for porridge, soup, stir-fried, steamed food, etc. It can not only prevent the recurrence of gastritis and gastric ulcers, but also reduce the risk of infectious diseases such as flu. Therefore, it is very suitable for spring consumption.

How to do it: Wash and add Fushen to a proper amount of water for 20 minutes. After filtering, use Fushen to make porridge. The jujube is pitted, washed, put into a casserole with corn and fushen water, and cooked into porridge.

Practice: Red dates are soaked, yam peeled, diced and boiled in water, cooked until soft, seasoned with longan meat and sugar. After the longan meat is cooked, it can be eaten off the heat.

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