Don’t mess with windows during the Spring Festival

Long-distance buses are the home choice of many people other than trains and planes. However, not only do trains have problems with sedentary trains, urination, etc., but also higher safety risks. In addition, they are the most depressing. No doubt there is a traffic jam.

Traffic jams not only aggravate the symptoms of motion sickness, but also make people upset and irritable. At this time, pay attention to soothe the mood, drink plenty of water, take some anti-motion sickness drugs, or oranges and other sour foods.

If there is no traffic jam on the highway for a long time, you can tell the driver to stay away from the highway and ventilate to the open area behind the green belt, but do not open the window on the car, or get off the station on the side of the road.

Severe traffic congestion is relatively narrow and crowded, air circulation is not good, and the content of benzopyrene is high. It not only irritates the respiratory tract, it is also a carcinogen.

In addition, when the traffic is congested, the engine does not burn completely during operation, and other harmful gases will be generated. These gases can easily enter the human lungs with breathing; the exhaust gas of the car also contains benzene, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances; when the car is braked The friction between the tire and the ground will also produce some suspended particles that are harmful to human health. Therefore, it is better not to open the window when the traffic is blocked.

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