Computer Eye Care Habits

Because the computer room is often too dry, and long-term vision of computer operators can easily cause dry eyes, from the perspective of the eyes, the computer studio should maintain a certain humidity. Because the computer at work has an impact on the air , in order to keep the air fresh, you can use a negative ion generator, or open the windows and doors regularly to ventilate, or put more pots of green plants to help you purify the air.

When operating a computer, the distance and position of the display and the eyes are very important. It is recommended that the distance between the eyes and the screen be maintained at about 60 cm under the premise of a seated posture. It is better to rest flat on the keyboard. This height and angle not only make the eyes comfortable, but also help relax the neck, shoulders and back muscles.

The brightness of the display should not be too bright, it is easy to hurt your eyes. Adjust it to half of the maximum brightness. It is better to see the content clearly but darker than the surrounding objects. In addition, the brightness of the display is also related to radiation. The greater the brightness, the stronger the radiation. So please adjust the brightness of your monitor to a suitable state.

First, avoid operating the computer for a long time and pay attention to the rest. Usually continuous operation for 1 hour, rest for 5-10 minutes. During the break, you can look at the green plants, look into the distance, or do eye exercises. If you are too busy and have no time to rest, then use the time to go to the bathroom to rest your eyes, or combine the work of operating the computer with other work, sit and use the computer for a while, then get up and do other work.

When focusing on the computer, the number of blinks of the eyes is reduced, so that tears cannot moisturize the eyes and the eyes are dry and uncomfortable. Blinking can promote the secretion of tears and apply on the surface of the eyeball to keep the eyeballs moist. Therefore, when using a computer, paying more attention to blinking consciously, or closing your eyes often for a short time to rest, can effectively prevent the occurrence of dry eye. In addition, when using the computer for a long time, it is best not to wear contact lenses, so as not to increase the dryness of the eyes.

Computers should drink plenty of water in the first place, and can use their tea and tea breaks to rest their tired eyes. The most suitable for the computer family is the herbal tea made from wolfberry, chrysanthemum, fried cassia seeds, etc. This herbal tea has the effect of clearing the liver. In addition, computer operators can also drink more green tea, because green tea has the effect of preventing radiation.

Note: Cassia seeds and green tea are cold, so it is not suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency. In addition, Cassia can be laxative and cannot be taken for a long time, otherwise it will cause drug-dependent constipation.

Sleep can replenish physical strength, relieve tension and stress, and can also give your eyes a full rest and relieve visual fatigue. Therefore, white-collar workers who work with computers all day must ensure sufficient sleep time.

For the tired and tired family, see more and move less. After work, spare your eyes. Don t stare at the TV, mobile phone, computer, and game console. The world is so big.

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