Winter sports need moderate excessive physical strength and easy leakage

The 20th is the last solar term of the 24th solar term, the Great Cold. At this time, most parts of China ushered in the coldest period of the year. Old Chinese medicine reminds that during the Great Cold, people can use the tonic conditioning to drive

Cause Excessive exercise will consume most of the human body s energy, some exercised citizens sweat so much that it is easy for the yang to leak out. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to correcting evils. If the right qi is inadequate, people are vulnerable to illness.

People can solidify the spleen and nourish the stomach through diet to achieve the effect of dispel cold. Avoid sticky, cold food, eat more nutritious, high-calorie, carbohydrate and fat-rich foods, and yellow-green vegetables such as carrots, rape , spinach and so on.

For some chronic perennial cardio-cerebral vascular disease or inadequate heart and kidney function, the incidence rate is higher in winter, and the blood vessels contract after cold, which will easily cause blood pressure to rise. At this time, more energy should be preserved and proper nutrition added.

People s physiological characteristics change in winter with different seasons, and the patient s condition varies with the incidence of different solar terms. Patients who use the drug all year should go to the hospital to consult their doctors and adjust the dosage in time to achieve scientific health.

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