What is the nourishing effect of Cordyceps sinensis

Guide: In the tourist season of Qinghai, Cordyceps sinensis, a Qinghai specialty tonic, is being bought by many tourists. However, many tourists are puzzled as to why the winter grass and summer grass are so magical and so nourishing. Can Cordyceps Sinensis Really Aphrodisiac?

Experts pointed out that Cordyceps mainly enters the lungs and into the spleen, so it is mainly used to treat patients with tuberculosis or lung deficiency. Recent studies have shown that it also has the effect of improving immunity and can play a role in alleviating cancer symptoms . Cordyceps itself does not have the unique effect of aphrodisiac.

Modern According to modern chemical analysis, in addition to fat, protamine, fine fiber, and carbohydrates, Cordyceps also contains a variety of ingredients, such as cordycepin, cordycepin, and vitamin B12. Some medical experts have pointed out that although Cordyceps has a role in enhancing the body s immunity, the mechanism by which it functions is very complex, and at the same time a certain dose is required to function. Therefore, if you want to cure all diseases by taking Cordyceps once or twice, it is impossible to be strong.

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